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Unpleasant noise and humming as a case fans: Arctic P12 vs. P14 in detail test

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We recently tested both fans individually, but only in selected speed ranges. Since we have refined the measurement procedure in the meantime and we also like to follow the feedback of the community, we have retested both fans, the Arctic P12 with its 120 mm and the P14 with 140 mm diameter. While Arctic has already improved the P12, the P14 is plagued by side effects that you should be aware of in order to be able to use it sensibly.

Important preface and aim of the night test

We recommended both fans as a suitable budget solution for the respective diameter, whereby we can fully confirm our verdict for the P12 in this test. The case of the P14 is somewhat different and we have to put the whole thing into perspective if we want to remain objective and fair. The fan isn’t bad per se, but it’s full of acoustic pitfalls that we’ve specifically pointed out. If you know the rev ranges where the Arctic P14 shines, everything is still fine, but there are also critical ranges and therefore problems that we just have to talk about.

This is exactly why we use the two fans in our new test run in 5 cfm steps and also explain the frequency analysis of the critical and noticeable areas. Of course, there will also be matching audio files from the measuring chamber, which could not be clearer. Since the P12 is conspicuously inconspicuous, it serves as a reference here, so to speak, and we’ll focus on the P14 along with a comparison to its silent brother.

The Arctic P14 PWM in detail

The P14 PWM is with more than 6 Euro the price breaker par excellence. That was reason enough to test it and also recommend it within its price range. The white frame is completely plain, not quite as innocent as the color implies, and it doesn’t have any decoupling either. 10 years warranty is of course a nice announcement and the fans are with a little over 6 euros per piece street price also a very cheap and also extremely tempting alternative for the entry, especially for use as a case fan or on slim radiators. RGB does not exist, but this also reduces costs. It certainly doesn’t go for that price either. So far, so good.


However, testing with several units confirmed the complaints of some users, who complained that the Arctic P14 has resonances and an oversized oscillation or hum in certain speed ranges. Such acoustic whitewater rides are also called humming, so that the content of the title for this article becomes clear at this point at the latest. We now want to compare the two fans from Arctic in a table, before we (have to) really talk turkey on the next page:

  Arctic P14 Arctic P12
Form factor 140 mm 120 mm
Starch 25 mm 25 mm
PWM Yes Yes
Decoupled No No
Color Frame Black White
Accent color No No
Color rotor Black White
Weight in g 194 139
min. speed 200 200
max. speed 1750 1800
Volume flow m3/h 123.76 N/A
Flow rate CFM 72.8 56.3
static pressure mmH2O 2.4 2.2
Sound pressure dBA N/A N/A
Life Time hrs N/A N/A
Test report
Test on igorsLAB Test on igorsLAB

Yes, the 6 euros sound tempting, but how does the rest sound? Exactly that will be the answer now, including final recommendations on how to use the price breaker in such a way that it does not annoy you. Because he can do that too, and do it really well. Turn the page, please!

Arctic P14 PWM schwarz, 140mm (ACFAN00124A)

Arctic P12 PWM weiß/transparent, 120mm (ACFAN00131A)

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