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Aqua Computer introduces a series of new glass compensating containers with the Ultitube D5

Aqua Computer today presents a new series of high-quality glass compensating containers. According to the manufacturer, the new containers of the ULTITUBE D5 series are made of highly resistant borosilicate glass in Germany and offer the possibility to install a pump from the very popular D5 series. For the first time, it has been possible to produce a compensating container made of glass without additional, usually disturbing struts or pipes. The other components of the container are manufactured by Aqua Computer by CNC production from Delrin.


Aqua Computer goes one step further and integrates a washable stainless steel filter into the bottom of the container, which at the same time enables optimal ventilation of the system. A lot has also been done for the user-friendliness. Thus, the seals are designed as molded parts that snap into the container and thus always remain in the right place. In addition, the container with a diameter of 55 mm has an extremely large filling opening. The pump can be mounted by hand without tools by simply screwing on.

In the PRO version, there is also a pressure equalization system that is not visually visible in the lid. In this version, the container also comes directly with an LED ring, which has digital LEDs and can be connected to the RGBpx system known by Aqua Computer. With an optional adapter, it is also possible to connect to most motherboards. The ULTITUBE D5 compensating tanks are also offered by Aqua Computer ex works directly with a D5 NEXT pump or a D5 PWM pump.

The new containers have a diameter of 65mm and are offered in lengths of 100,150 and 200 mm. Prices start at 69.90 euros and delivery starts next week.

Source: Aqua Computer

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