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Ryzen CPUs from AMD as heating for an entire block of flats? Winter may come!

Our French colleagues were present on Thursday, 18 May. On 1 October, in Bordeaux, he visited an almost completed building. This is nothing special in itself, if a small detail were not completely different. And so, in the end, you face a world first, which is to provide the future inhabitants with free heating thanks to Qarnot, a French company.

In principle, this is not new, but the way in which it is implemented is already. So far we only know server farms that dissipate their heat to the surrounding buildings, but now the computer system is located in the building itself, or more precisely: directly on the walls, in individual, state-of-the-art radiators!

Designed to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, the building is designed for maximum thermal inertia. That is, you keep temperature as long as possible to limit fluctuations. For summer, all rooms and ceilings are designed so that they can circulate fresh air at night through ventilation, so that no air conditioning is required during the day. The heating in winter follows the same logic

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