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New pictures of the Playstation 5 Devkit surfaced

Fresh photos of the PlayStation 5 devkit have surfaced, giving us a better view not only of the hardware, but also of the new controller. These new images, shown on the PlayStation 5 subreddit, give us a first glimpse of the Devkit's Blu-ray drive, USB ports and Dual Shock 5 controller.

Just right for The CES 2020, new images of the Playstation 5 Devkit have now appeared, and Sony could also give a glimpse into the future during the show and finally present its Next-Gen console to the public. So far, we don't know much really resilient about the PlayStation 5, just a few basics. Thus, the console with an AMD Ryzen CPU is the 3rd generation and the GPU will become a customized version of Radeon's Navi. Raytracing's support has also been confirmed. In addition, the Playstation 5 would be completely without charging screens thanks to an SSD.

A few days ago, other rumors suggested that the Xbox Series X might be stronger than the PlayStation 5. According to reliable leaks confirmed by Digital Foundry, the Sony Next-Gen console is expected to weigh up to 9.2 teraflops, while the Xbox Series X will enter the ring with 12 teraflops. By comparison, an RTX 2080 creates approx. 10 Teraflops


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