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Weighty RTX weeks, spiky spikes and upcoming water games | Labor Inside

At the moment there is a little bit of land underneath, because even logistics and a tight schedule are not real friends and probably never will be. The launch of the GeForce RTX 3090 should, one believes the well informed media, already take place on Thursday, the 24.09.2020 at 15.00 o’clock. And since it can be assumed that a review will be published here as well (I have to pretend to be dumber than the Internet swarm intelligence has already announced), to create such a review in only 2 days would be a nerve-technical test of the very first order.

If we assume it is, then the reverse would mean that I would have to make myself a bit scarce until then, because there is always only one thing to do: test or write. And so I will grant you a few harmless morsels from my current everyday life as a mental bridge until the day of the revelation. This is also a tightrope walk, but I can cope with that. Incidentally, the word BBW has now been given a completely new meaning: Black Brick Weight.

What happens if you continue to use older power supplies because you think they will do it forever, I have also experienced, although I always preach what can happen if. To Seasonic’s credit, however, it is fair to say that the new Prime Series will last and won’t shut down every time Witcher number three takes a hard breath and crashes the Metro into the wall. This is peak power sport per excellence. Spikes at its best. It is also good that the cables can be changed from old to new, so that the conversion effort in one of the test systems was kept within limits. This is not a matter of course either. Unexpectedly often and above all always comes when you are already very close.

What else? There are several board partner cards in front of the door, more are already on the shelf of good deeds and all together are just waiting to be tested! But everything takes time and an old man is not an amoeba that can generate helping hands by simple cell division. Sometimes it would be nice, but no. i can’t. Better to be neat than slovenly, there’s too much of that already.

Then of course I also have a treat for our water friends. The GeForce RTX 3080 virtually screams for water, I can hear it all day long in every corner of the lab. I just can’t say no to that, and very soon I’m following the sirens’ call. Into the water, see what comes out.

And for every fun there is of course also a suitable video, that must be. Even if some people are reluctant to do so, you have to take the spirit of the times into account a little here too. The lyrics will stay with you, because the website is and remains the main focus. But if I look at the backtraffic of YouTube and indirectly via Reddit & Co. it brings more than Google and all the other forums together. I think it’s good to get mainly young people to read, and it’s no coincidence that the website and the forum are very popular. Please forgive me the one or other (silly) teaser picture, they have to be like that. But I’ll tweak it and work on it, I promise. #New territory 🙂

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