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Wavemaster Cube Mini Neo – small, powerful and amazingly cheap stereo speakers for almost anywhere

Wavemaster has been working on the product portfolio for some time. In addition to the upward expansion with the Two Pro and the Subwoofer Fusion, it is above all the already known models that have been thoroughly refreshed and revised. The Cube Mini was good, no question, but the Cube Mini Neo is better. This is said not only by the manufacturer (which is all too logical), but also by the manufacturer who has tested this part extensively, over a long period of time and not only in the laboratory – namely me.

Started with an EIA of just under 170 euros, the black version is currently available for less than 90 euros and also bamboo or white are still well below 115 euros. And it was at the end of this prize that grabbed me and led me to test the two small sound dispensers in practice and not just once a few hours in the measuring laboratory. Desktop, children's room and even in the living room on the sideboard – the two cuddly small parts make the ears quite happy at the end, if you pay attention to the usual basics when setting up.

The equipment is neat, because besides the two boxes there are also cables full and a neat remote control, which has more to offer and is more grippy than the usual small cheque card squeezing. Batteries included. The cable to the left speaker with the tinned ends is a bit short, but can be easily replaced by an individually adapted one. Although an SPDIF input is available, a suitable TOSLINK cable is missing. Well, you can't have everything and most of the three-pointers on other speakers are always too short.

Optics, haptics and functionality

The bamboo version is visually and tactilely a pleasure, the painted siblings are at least matte, so that one does not collect any fingerprints there as here. Wood is wood and so in this case the absence of pressed MDF is by no means a disadvantage and makes the bamboo boxes really nicely light.  The timeless and restrained design of the Cube Mini with its rounded corners has been retained, thank God. Behind two black metal grilles sit a deep-medium tone with a 10 centimeter cellulose cone membrane and a silk-calotte tweeter with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters. The bass reflex tube sits at the back

With dimensions of 50 x 209 x 180 mm, these two small boxes end up fit on almost any shelf – or from it onto the desktop. The workmanship is free of defects and it is really fun to feel the rather coarse-pored bamboo under your fingers. If you want, you should still carefully polish the box with some hard oil, especially at the edges. The bamboo is already fired up, so it doesn't get much darker anymore. In the right, active box there is a multifunction button to the right under the woofer and on the left side of the infrared receiver. 

An important argument for the new edition is improved connectivity. On the back of the active box there is a 3.5 mm jack input (Aux), two RCA jacks and an optical input (SPDIF). In addition, there are the clamping sockets for the connecting cable to the left box and an output for the optionally usable subwoofer with mono signal. What is new is that you can now also pair yourself with your smartphone and other devices via Bluetooth. This makes the use much more universal, whether PC or TV, office or living room. A physical power switch disconnects the Cube Mini Neo, although the 0.5 watts in standby are quite neat and meet the standard specifications (ErP Lot 6).

The remote control lets you select the source (analogous to pressing the right function button on the front side), the volume (or turn the function button in front) and control the basses and the heights. There is also a "Tone Defeat" button to turn your own sound settings on and off (linear button) and a loudness button for sound correction at low volume levels.  The two AA batteries inside actually last almost forever.


Of course I will also screw up the active box, but only on the next page. For the very curious, after the shopboxes, the user manual as a PDF for pure and rum-shopping is now available.

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