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Viral Corona chaos up close – the editorial team becomes a higher school

Anyone who wondered why things were so quiet here today: force majeure. And I can't hear, read or snort the nasty C-word anymore. As the family father of two young children (5 and 8) one is suddenly promoted to a hoarder and teacher in personal union and mutates in leisure time to a fell-free hamster and daring toilet paper tiger.

This in itself is not so bad and the principle of solidarity should not be completely lost on the swollen eyes. But all state and semi-government bodies in the most perisive multi-facet are producing one testament to poverty after another, and produce a mess that is simply unworthy of an industrialized nation. Tasting pleasing? I would have something for you…

School at Igor

The city of Chemnitz has stipulated that schools and daycare centres in Chemnitz will not be closed at this time. An overall Saxon decision is still pending. In accordance with the public announcements, school operations at the ESCC are currently continuing as normal. The planned school events will take place.

Food supplier of the school in Igor (5 minutes later)

Dear parents, the schools in Saxony will be closed from next week. Please log off already ordered food in the online login. Alternatively, you can also contact us by phone or e-mail.

Igor at school (telephone)

So what is true? Answer: we are waiting for a binding e-mail from the ministry

School at Igor (1 hour later)

Dear parents, the general observation that all schools will close from next week is not correct. The following detailed information has just been obtained from the Ministry of Education:

Teaching in schools from grade 7 to grade 13 will be suspended from Monday, 16.3., until the end of the Easter holidays (19.4.) Pupils have no lessons in the schools…. Teaching in schools from grades 1 to 6 will start on Monday, 16.3. until the end of the Easter holidays (19.4.). For children in grades 1-6, it will be open until Wednesday 18.3. continues to provide support in schools… The country will vote with schools by Wednesday 18.3. further procedure and possibly continue to examine existing needs.

Great verbal cinema of the Ministry of Education. Quote Duden: "the need; There is no plural of need. It is just a buzzword in certain "higher" circles. Aha, higher circles, well, yes.

Kindergarten at Igor (30 minutes after)

In Saxony, the daycare centres are not yet closed! At present, a press release from the Ministry of Education of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein is being incorrectly distributed as a communication from the Saxon State Ministry of Culture. It announces that daycare centres and schools will be closed from 16.03.2020. In the Free State of Saxony, however, the ministry initially ordered a non-teaching period from 16.03.2020 at the schools. A decision on when schools and daycare centres will be completely closed will not be made until next week. As things stand, our daycare centres will continue to be open on Monday.

School at Igor (1 hour later):

Dear parents, we will get back. We are sorry that we are confusing you in this way. Unfortunately, we received a fake email with the wrong information. It applies: Saxony's Ministry of Culture orders public schools from Monday (16. March) is a non-teaching period. The order shall apply until further notice. However, schools remain open. The teaching staff is present to ensure the care of all pupils. However, students can stay at home during the non-teaching period. There is no compulsory schooling. The decision will give parents the opportunity to prepare for care of children and pupils in the home until schools are closed. A decision on when schools and daycare centres (Hort) will be open to 17 May. April will be completely closed, will be hit in the course of the next week…

Ok, it's now after 7 p.m. and all the pay writers of the ministries are finally in the weekend. Or maybe not. This will certainly continue…

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