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Tronsmart Element Mega in test – 40 watts in your pocket?

Sound check and emotionless root cause research

If we look at the measurement curves, we also see why the good piece already starts to distort with certain pieces of music and very low volume, when actually much more would be possible. An increase of over 8 dB at 85 Hz makes no sense at all for such a wink, here a brutal low-cut would be called for at a maximum of 125 Hz. Only the developers know why the hell is wasting electrical power into something that physics alone excludes nonchalantly. The part is extremely bass-heavy, which puts the level resistance at a huge disadvantage. The dent at 2 KHz is also audible and mainly makes voices difficult. Natural vocals are completely different. The rest, well, yes. It works.

But what then puts the Tronsmart Element Mega on the sonic death blow is the implemented DSP. If you connect it analogously to the equalizer and adjust the bass level up to 250 Hz by hand down to -12 dB, then the curve looks a bit better, it sounds different (not better) and also plays louder – only the measured levels do not match the same , which we have given analogously in levels for certain frequen areas. The Elekronik regulates a wolf to produce some sound that does not really exist. In the end, this is robo-mucke at its finest, but never and never music.

No matter what we play like, almost nothing changes in the sound character. Lack of heights, something is "reproduced" on cramp. Anyone who has tested Creative's Crystalizer in the past will find parallels. Only in an even more extreme interpretation of horror.

With TWS, you can also use two Tronsmart Element Mega

Summary and conclusion

For 40 euros you can theoretically not expose much if you throw all the features and the optics into one pot. Only to the sound you don't get what the device pretends to be and that's where the soup burns. That with the 40 watts is a clever PR joke and the exaggerated DSP the then the corresponding, final torture of the ears. If you're on acoustic SM games, or you're close to the box office, I think so. But otherwise you can almost advise against it. Cheap yes, cheap rather less.

A small piece of advice to the vendors on the sidelines: purchased or sample-remunerated reviews on Amazon & Co. bring nothing but trouble in the long run. The truth always comes to light, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. But what can also be observed here are the qualitative limits of influencerism in certain media.

Technical data

Name Tronsmart Element Mega
Performance 2 x 20 watts (manufacturer's specification, 2x 3 watts realistic)
Frequency range 60-15.000Hz (measurement, +/- 6dB)
Impedance 4 Ohm each (manufacturer's specification)
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, AUX, Micro-SD
Battery 6600 mAh (estimated at approx. 4000 to 4400 mAh)
Weight 662 grams
Dimensions 193 x 57 x 82 mm

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