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The rumour kitchen about the performance of AMD's Navi – that's what the editors think | Editorial

First of all, a company should be allowed to control and distribute the information about upcoming products without emotion. In this context, I think it's really positive that AMD's puberty speaker actions of the past few years have settled down. Well, the loudspeakers in question have now almost completely migrated towards Intel and are now firmly installed there, but it is simply a matter of the principle of professional restraint, because replacement would have been found for sure. But to want to draw one-sided conclusions from this now would also be far too hasty and too short. Self-imposed silence and entered silence are not the same.

And for me personally, it is also less a matter of wanting to clarify in advance and without facts what a product might be able to achieve, but only about where it really sorts in the end. That is, when all the information and the product are on the table. In this respect, the news "Does Navi achieve the desired bar goal?" does not fall within the scope of what I personally like to read (at least uncommented) on my homepage.

But you also have to admit to our news writer that you can also gain your own experience in this field. Because the media presence of this information offer from the YT corner was then even too tempting and at the same time far too dominant among all colleagues on a broad front to be able to really resist. As far as the content in question is concerned, I am somewhat torn, because logic, speculation and certainly real information meet here. I don't even guess that to start down on the part, which could really be based on reliable facts. Lack of own basics on this topic.

Sure, for my part, I also believe less that AMD will publish the high-performance and efficient price breaker par excellence, and that will certainly require further efforts and planning for the future, including the resources needed. But you should also allow a company not to produce garbage just because the budget may not be enough to dance at all weddings at the same time. And funnily enough, Nvidia somehow got a leg up last year by pushing Turing and the great RT features.

The purist gamer has also lost more beloved shares than gained new ones. Both companies, AMD and Nvidia, have embarked on the adventure of AI and machine learning, and have had to plunge, because in the end they have nothing else left. If you look at the development through the eyes of a non-gamer, the progress on both sides is to be welcomed and quite remarkable. The fact that the consumer division then has to submit to precisely these circumstances is a logical consequence of this and is certainly priced in.

I recently speculated in a video about Nvidia's A-chip story about whether even Navi might have led more or less directly to this action. If you now count like AdoredTV with a navi-performance within the framework of an RTX 2070, then undervoltage dispersed and/or overclocked cards might even scratch at an RTX 2080, because the difference between the two GeForce is not that big. And if the pricing is still right, many will surely buy a class lower for reasons of reason, so that you have to take action in the green corner also above, i.e. with the GeForce RTX 2080, in order to be able to admire unleaded shelves. From this point of view, the current YT news is not even a contradiction, on the contrary.

What bothers me about this YT news, however, is the way of presentation, if you take into account previous information from the same source, which was presented just as euphorically and as in stone carved truths. But here, too, the media consumer should be trusted with sufficient expertise to avoid sticking to every glue. If you also wanted to comment on every news in depth, you would have no time for your own content.

But, also for reasons of available resources, it is not our goal to run after every sow that is somehow and eventually driven by somebody through any village. And so I can only ask for your understanding that this time we did not quite resist the media storm surge. Because a small grain of truth is usually in every media outcry, no matter by whom. It must simply be allowed to discuss this, also and especially here.

The example of the A-chip history shows us how to get to real, own news, often enough unexpectedly and unexpectedly. The initial info did not come from one of the qualified Nvidia board partners (AIC), but from the corner of the grey market, where smaller Chinese graphics card manufacturers pick up the breadcrumbs that fall off the table of the industry's greats. The competition is big and it will be part of a separate report, as the supporting actors repeatedly manage to get AMD and Nvidia chips for their own needs.

There you almost celebrate Nvidia's stubborn marketing mindset, because that's probably how you get to the big chips more cheaply. And it is precisely from these circles that this information comes from, because as far as it is comprehensible, initial plans of own designs have already been completed. And such a smaller Chinese company, cut off from the world markets because it conflicts with the interests of the AIC and AIB there, is unlikely to go ahead if what is reported here is not true. Especially since this information could still be confirmed by all concerned in retrospect. This is no longer a leak, but at most still polite nodding or shaking the head.

The fact that new chips are coming, I got as information already before the sales of the AIC, but it is also in the interest of the sources to weigh up whether one makes a news out of it or not. And if so, then especially when. Because if you are too (before) fast, there is still enough time for countermeasures, an exposure to such an action and/or for investigation in the vicinity of the companies. Then no one has any of it, not even the publisher of such news, because he is embarrassed in the eyes of the news consumers, even though he was actually right. Responsibility, experience and curiosity meet here, always in the hope of not generating too much impact in terms of the damage to the participants (and themselves).

Of course, we also take every click with us gratefully, that is in the nature of the thing and the market. But my express thanks go to our community, which is very mature in handling such things. You can almost be a little proud of that. If this were not the case, many things would have to be dispensed with if we wanted to meet one's own standards. The fact that this still works here is all the more pleasing. 🙂




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