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40 unusual situations before, next to, on and with the PC from sick to prank | Retro

Today, there is a small pre-Easter selection of failed home office accidents, outages and waste. The abyss of everyday domestic PC is black and deep, grotto-deep. And while you can relax a little here, I prepare a paat test and a tutorial for the holidays. And yes, there are even graphics coronating tests again! But back to the gallery of impossibility…

Wolfgang loves the gun gang. But what still looks somewhat harmless here…


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Igor Wallossek

Editor-in-chief and name-giver of igor'sLAB as the content successor of Tom's Hardware Germany, whose license was returned in June 2019 in order to better meet the qualitative demands of web content and challenges of new media such as YouTube with its own channel.

Computer nerd since 1983, audio freak since 1979 and pretty much open to anything with a plug or battery for over 50 years.

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