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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for Home Office? Hardware and good mood check!

Since the launch, I have used the game for various benchmarks and have also played quite a bit myself, also in order to reach a useful benchmark scene. But the dear time often never lets you play to the end and so Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has remained like many others in the benchmark suite, but never gets to your own computer. After many people in the circle of acquaintances had asked me what one could play at the moment and what was still going on on not quite as potent systems, I came up with exactly this game again, especially since you get it already for less than 30 euros.

Another reason why I took a closer look at Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is the controls. Even on the TV it went quite neatly over the HTPC with controller and you can see very clearly that it is a typical port, where originally the gamepad was also in the foreground. You can play it with keyboard and mouse, but with my Xbox Elite Wireless it's ideal for after-hours couch potatoes. Which would have made us look at the basics.

I would place the game in the action-adventure category. For the pure TV show and the rather inexperienced controller-knechter even the simplest level of play is loose enough, in addition it gets a bit hairy and one quickly forgets the story with a lot of sword-fuzzy, especially since the memory points (medidation points) in places somewhat arbitrary or seem unhappily placed.

The necessary recovery from time to time leads to the respawn of all opponents, which helped me with the benchmarks, but the normal player becomes rather annoying. For this, next to the light-heavy netting can be properly hung and climbed as if there was no tomorrow.

The substructure with the Unreal Engine 4 has been quite successful and you notice especially with slightly weaker hardware that a lot has been optimized here. Unfortunately also a little at the expense of the graphics, which also seems very well known on potent systems in places and offers no new features. Of course, this looks anything but bad, but it doesn't completely rip you off the sofa. Depending on the settings, the textures are handsome, the post-processing makes a neat figure and the foresight is amazingly high.

The fact that pixels are smoothed temporally and the overall result is slightly sharpened can be quite pleasing. Only loD jerking, for example when changing scenes, it is always annoying. The varied worlds and well-successful sequences with real game graphics then compensate for minor weaknesses of the story and the gameplay, so that the bottom line is a rather useful mixture, for which one can use the currently called almost 30 Euros can safely invest.

If you reduce postprocessing and do without one or the other effect, you will still get your money's worth with a medium-sized HTPC on TV. The presets in the menu are known from other UE4 titles in a similar form and you can still find some reserve against jerking here.

My test system in the HTPC is no longer really uptodate, but playable was still quite neat here. I have deliberately crawled into the archive and tucked together older hardware, also with regard to the often-colported home office. And yes, I did everything in Full HD and "Epic" just so as not to grill my TV. Well, joke aside, it even ran with Ancient graphics cards still somewhat commod. However, I saved something manually in postprocessing.

The bottom line is that I count. And that's where the game gets where I want it to be. Light food for the office keyboard in between or paddle around with the console on the sofa. From this point of view, it is actually an ideal anti-virus infection for pixel addicts. So you can buy (or get gifted by the boss). 🙂

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