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Sharkoon SKILLER SGS2 Jr Review – Perfect custom-made gaming chair for children and teenagers

Finally a manufacturer has taken pity on itself to offer the SKILLER SGS2 Jr, a stable gaming chair for the target group between 6 and 15 years, which is on the one hand robust and on the other hand pleasantly stands out from all the unicorn, pirate and Mickey mouse chairs. Visually and above all ergonomically, this is a real gaming chair for the grown-ups, perfectly shrunk to the childlike body dimensions, only finally in a somewhat smaller version and with an RRP of 129 euros also somewhat cheaper.

I still remember Computex 2019 when we had talked to Sharkoon about this very special topic. Tables, chairs and other peripherals, just to match the size. Even if it had taken 2 years and so some months of the pandemic – finally it is so far and the parts have arrived now also in the final customer market. I admit it, as a family father of two boys of the right age you know the problems all too well and some self-interest will surely have been involved in suggesting something like this again and again with my own insistence.

These two pictures show very nicely where the differences lie. A large gaming chair is bulky and also steals a lot of free space due to the large base and also restricts freedom of movement. The smaller chair offers the child more traction and it is also easier to position in tight spaces.

The part is available in four different colours and makes it a highlight in the children’s room. With an ergonomically good seat shape and an adjustable backrest, the armchair is perfect for doing homework or a bit of gaming in between, because the sitting posture is just right. The durable and breathable foam-filled upholstery and sturdy frame construction provide support and durability at the same time. The name of course gives it away that the SKILLER SGS2 Jr is the smaller version of the well-known SKILLER SGS2 gaming chair.

Like its big brother, the small armchair has a spring-assisted rocking mechanism and height-adjustable armrests. This allows the chair to be adjusted to your needs fairly quickly and intuitively, and it provides comfortable support for hours (tested by the kids). As additional padding, the SKILLER SGS2 Jr. comes with a neck and a lumbar cushion. The cushions are quickly and easily strapped to the chair when needed. Once fitted, they are easy on the neck and back when sitting for long periods. The cushions are covered with easy to clean, soft fabric.

The base of the chair is made of solid plastic (nylon) for optimal stability, which makes it not only durable but also lightweight. With its compact dimensions, the SKILLER SGS2 Jr. is best suited for children and teenagers with a height of up to 160 centimeters and a maximum weight of 65 kilograms, and it thus fits into even the smallest retreats in the children’s room.

In the end, you don’t really need to write much more about it, because it’s just a normal gaming chair with all its advantages and limitations. But it’s more than just a stinkin’ normal, squeaky-clean kid’s chair that many of the kids these days would find silly. RTX On with unicorns in baby blue or pink, frog green or post yellow? Nobody wants that anymore.


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Habe zwar keine Kinder,war aber mal eins....;)
Hätte ich wohl haben wollen!
Der eigene Chefsessel ist doch eine Ansage und den kleinen Rücken wird’s wohl Gutes tun.

Einziger Kontrapunkt, außer der „fehlenden“ 5cm Hubhöhe wäre, dass man die Kidies
jetzt wirklich nicht mehr vom PC loslösen können wird...:)

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Naja, ich halte nicht viel von "Gaming" Stühlen, sind überteuert und meist nicht gut für die Wirbelsäule. :cautious:

Trotzdem schöner Test.

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