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Scythe Kotetsu Mark II TUF Review – Colorful branding twin

For cheap air coolers with real coldplate instead of direct-touch heatpipe, the selection is quite small, Scythe has with the Kotetsu Mark II in the “normal” and Asus TUF variant one of the few candidates in the offer. How the little brother of the already tested Fuma 2 does in the test, reveals the following article:

Packaging / Scope of delivery

As with the other Scythe coolers, the entire packaging, aside from a small pad of foam to cushion the cooling fins, is made entirely of cardboard. Plastic bags are also used sparingly again, there is not much rubbish left after unpacking. The outside of the box has a large black print, and besides the specifications, there are various accents in Asus TUF yellow.

Accessories are limited to the bare essentials: mounting brackets, fan clips, and a sad blob of thermal paste. The Intel backplate is already prepared, screws and plastic fixings have already been applied at the factory. A short instruction for the assembly is of course also included.

Assembly / Installation

For the AM4 socket, the existing backplate is used as so often, with four rubberized spacers and screws to mount the two silver brackets. With a screwdriver the two spring-loaded screws are fixed in the brackets, finally the fan is fixed again with the enclosed clamps.

The cooler is well made, and features a slightly asymmetrical design. The edges of the cooling fins are deburred, but still a bit rough. During the assembly should also be a little careful, the slats bend easily.

Even though the Kaze Flex 120 fan has RGB lighting, the yellow rubbers don’t fit every system. Operation without it should also be possible, but then the fan sits a bit looser and is no longer decoupled. The normal Kotetsu Mark II unfortunately lacks the black paint on the top.


Below is an overview of the technical data, further information can be found as usual on the manufacturer‘s website.

Overall di
mensions: 85 x 136 x 154 mm (including
an) Total weig
ht: 645h (with fa
) Fan dimen
sions: 120 x 120
27 mm Noise l
evel: 4.0 ~ 24
9 dBA Airflow:
16.6 ~ 51.17 C
M Fan speed: 30
0 upm (±200) ~ 1200 upm (±10%)
tatic pressure: 0
.75 ~ 10.3 Pa / 0.076 ~ 1.5 mmH²O

Scythe Kotetsu Mark II TUF Gaming Alliance (SCKTT-2000TUF)

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