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Ryzen 4000 G-Series: AMD (finally) brings Renoir APUs for the normal PC

Now it's official, but the bad news first: the Ryzen 4000 G-Series will only be available as desktop APUs in complete systems, not in free retail stores. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I had already hinted at several times weeks ago. The fact that AMD would like to take precautions against a possible cannibalization of the normal desktop APUs is only one reading, though a relatively plausible one. Therefore there are no samples and therefore no tests for us. which is a particular pity, but it cannot be changed.

 Cores/ThreadsBase/turbo clockCacheCompute Units (CU)GPu ClockTDP
AMD Ryzen 7 4700G8/163.6/4.4 GHz12 MB82.100 MHz65 W
AMD Ryzen 5 4600G6/123.7/4.2 GHz11 MB71.900 MHz65 W
AMD Ryzen 3 4300G4/83.8/4.0 GHz6MB61.700 MHz65 W
AMD Ryzen 7 4700GE8/163.1/4.3 GHz12 MB82.000 MHz35 W
AMD Ryzen 5 4600GE6/123.3/4.2 GHz11 MB71.900 MHz35 W
AMD Ryzen 3 4300GE4/83.5/4.0 GHz6MB61.700 MHz35 W

Nevertheless I have summarized all slides for all interested people as a picture gallery. Maybe somebody will buy one of those ready-made PCs after all:


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