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Intel Arc Alchemist and "Fine Wine" GPU drivers for better gaming performance?

According to Intel insiders, the company will significantly upgrade its graphics card drivers, especially for older games that use DirectX9. In recent months, PC Games Hardware had focused heavily on the status of the Intel Arc graphics card drivers, mainly because Intel had several problems with the software for the Arc GPUs during the launch. However, there seems to be an important driver update from Intel that increases overall performance in games that use the DirectX9 API. This was a point of discussion for the company, as they had reported that optimizations for older titles would take much longer than games using DirectX12 API and the open-source Vulkan API.

After the problems Intel had when launching the Arc GPUs, sales stagnated compared to NVIDIA and AMD. This is mainly due to the fact that the latter two companies have more experience in the graphics card industry than Intel, which only started in the last year and a half. From "informed sources", which it is not known whether they come directly from Intel or another organization, PC Games Hardware claims to have learned that there will soon be an important update for the company's graphics driver. As for the release date, nothing has been revealed yet either.

... wie wir aus gut unterrichteten Kreisen erfahren haben, bereitet Intel derzeit ein größeres Treiber-Update vor, das die Leistung auf breiter Front steigern soll – offenbar wurde eine der zweifellos vorhandenen Bremsen identifiziert und beseitigt.

– PC Games Hardware, Raphael Voetter

Below is the latest list of games collected by PC Games Hardware, complete with API compatibility, notes on the performance of each game, and whether ray tracing is used.


Most affected by the incompatibility was Halo Infinite, which had "severe streaming/texture/LOD issues." A few other titles have minor to moderate issues, but this compatibility list is only encouraging for a handful of games. If it is true that Intel is getting a massive update to allow more compatibility with older titles that use DirectX9 and DirectX11/12, then Intel would be in a better position against the two big GPU powerhouses (AMD and NVIDIA) and could potentially outperform them in the future.

Source: PcGamesHardware, VideoCardz



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"Besser dastehen"?

Ich behaupte mal sie würden erstmals auf das Spielfeld gelassen;
weil wer kauft sich eine Karte mit der nachher nur eine selektive Auswahl an Spielen funktioniert? (Außer zum Basteln/mal ausprobieren)

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Bei den aktuellen Preisen würde ich Intel sogar eine Chance geben. Aber treiberseitig hat Intel derzeit alle Argumente gegen sich. Vor allem, wenn man wie ich auf AMD-Plattform unterwegs ist.

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