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Radeon Tweaker Group with new AMD Radeon VII sub-voltage and overclocking benchmarks | igorsLAB

The country needs new benchmarks! Various games in several resolutions with the emphasis on gain by subvolts or an OC with a converted Radeon VII. We evaluate everything: Frame-Times. Percentile, variances, the smoothness of the gradient and much more than bar and curve charts as an overview or individual evaluation. There is nothing more to do. Reading command!


The country needs new benchmarks! Gurdi has tested different games with different resolutions and Radeon cards, this time focusing on proving the advantages of an optimal sub-voltage and the potential gain of optimized air cooling with the Raijintek Morpheus. I chased all the results through my interpreter and so today we can evaluate everything: Frame-Times. Percentiles, variances, the smoothness of the gradient and much more.

We offer this as bar charts as well as in the form of curve charts, as well as the whole once summarized as an overview and comparison, as well as once for each graphics card individually. This should also eliminate the last ambiguities and convince the last skeptics, because we have the proof that the performance and also the perczntiles improve in the subvoltene. But we will also analyze the frametimes in different ways, because the truth is, as always, in the feeling and not only in the absolute numbers.

Gurdi, like so many other vegans, has used his cards with the Morpheus 2 and has consistently had good experiences and achieved decent results. Well, the assembly is sometimes a bit tricky and also depends a little on your own skills, but it is definitely also solvable for the Radeon VII, if you forget that with the adhesive heaters and prefer to freeze the base plate a la Gurdi. That is, of course, safer.

But we have already published a first article with "RTG Radeon Tweaker Group – AMD Radeon VII Mods, Tweaks, Subvolten and Overclocks". And I am very sure that this article will not remain the last of its kind today.

I would like to point out once again, because there have also been questions in this regard that this is a purely community project and that the whole thing was neither commissioned by AMD nor paid in any way. What many users have created and create on their own initiative cannot be overstated and is ultimately priceless. Even for a manufacturer like AMD. But it also shows that there are enthusiasts who don't care about brand popance or a general mood. And that is exactly what we want to support – free of charge.


Test system and graphics card conversion

That is why I would like to thank Gurdi, who has carried out further benchmarks and supplemented the data sets with them. This time I am almost only the final dressing, where the last set is then neatly reworked and draped in a opaque way. Ok, that also takes a lot of time, but the path of knowledge is already reward enough.

The test system used is no longer quite the latest, but it is certainly still fast enough to be able to keep up with the front. And since it was asked again and again, I have summarized all this once for you tabularly:


Cpu: Intel Core i7-6700k
Ram: 16GB Hyper X Fury x 2933 MHz
Motherboard: Asus Z170
Power supply: 550 Watt Enermax Digifanless, passive
Disk: Ssds
Housing: Insulated Fractal Define R5 PCGH Edition
Fan: Intake: 2x 140 mm ice wind, 1x 120mm NB Black, Outtake:1x Noctua NF A14, 1x NB Black 80mm
Operating system: Windows 10, current build
Measurements: Closed case, after warm-up phase 10 min, each 2-3 min per game measurement additionally



Graphics card: Radeon VII RX Vega64 Gigabyte V56
Power consumption: Eel 290 watts Eel 310 watts Eel 290 watts
Clock rate effective: 1700-1780 MHz 1590-1640 MHz 1560.1640 MHz
Memory clock: 1000 MHz 1085 MHz 1020 MHz
HBCC Off 12362 MB 12362 MB
Software mods No V64 LC Bios. V64 BIOS
Hardware mods: Morpheus 2 Cooler
2x NF F12 with max 1460 revolutions
Coolermaster Mastergel Maker
Backplate with Alphacool Ice Layer 11W/mk WLPads
SpaWa cooling with original baseplate
Interposer cooling.
Morpheus 2 Cooler
2x NF F12
Coolermaster Mastergel Maker
Backplate with Phobya WLPad
SpaWa cooling with original baseplate
Power Limit: Floor -8% +15%
Fan: 600 rpm fixed max. 1460 rpm PWM Floor, 2000-2200 rpm


Sapphire Radeon VII, 16GB HBM2, HDMI, 3x DP, full retail (21291-01-40G)



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