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Radeon RX 7900 XTX Liquid Devil announced by PowerColor

With the Liquid Devil series, PowerColor will soon launch a liquid-cooled RX 7900 card. The company has already launched several “LD” models with pre-installed water block, and each time they were equipped by EK Water Blocks. It is confirmed that the new iteration will also be equipped with EK Waterblocks, and it will feature similar blue LED accents as its predecessor.

The Liquid Devil series models are usually equipped with the same PCB design as the air-cooled Red Devil flagships. In this case, that means 12+3+2 phase VRM design, three 8-pin power connectors and dual BIOS function. Furthermore, PowerColor usually selects the best chips for the Devil series, so higher clock rates should not be a problem

So far, there is only one Radeon RX 7000 with liquid cooling and that is the ASRock Aqua. This model has traded for well over $1400 since its launch, so the Liquid Devil doesn’t necessarily have to be much faster. The mere fact that it is cheaper would be worth considering. The launch date for the RX 7900 Liquid Devil has not yet been confirmed by PowerColor, but judging by the teaser and previous announcements, we can probably expect it in 1-2 weeks at most. It is also very likely that we will see both the 7900 XTX and XT models.

Source: PowerColor via Twitter


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Und die nächste mit EKBW😒
Teuer, Mist? XFX RX6900XT EKBW?
Wenn wieder erst alles zerlegt werden muss, Pads WPL getauscht werden muss, für gescheite Temperaturen, dann gleich zu Alphacool greifen und selber umbauen. Die Asrock 7900XTX Aqua, ist ja auch EKBW. Bei ner XFX, wenn sie mal kommen, wird es wohl nicht besser sein😒😓

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