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Radeon RX 6900 XT with almost 2.7 GHz in Time Spy – Thanks to water cooling and MorePowerTool

Somehow, despite a permanent lack of time, my fingers itched very badly during the current water cooling test. And because I just screwed the card onto a water block anyway, it just had to be done. With the MorePowerTool I raised the TGP from 255 watts to 320 watts, increased the power limit in the Wattman by another 15%, set the GPU clock to 2730 MHz and a run the benchmart. I was then quite satisfied with the first result. I also had a score over 19k, but only with the press drivers, which could not be validated. With the release driver and the same settings, it was suddenly just over 100 points less. Why ever.

But anyway, it was enough for the temporary first place. Of course, the score isn’t something for eternity and if I have to be honest, then I also lack the ambition to waste too much time on overclocking, which is far beyond everyday life anyway. But the excerpt from the Time Spy list shows that it works:

In detail, 20,710 points in the Graphics Score are ok, but you could certainly have continued testing for hours and maybe even shimmyed over the 2.7 GHz limit. In simpler games without a heavy load, such clock rates are certainly possible in Full-HD and WQHD, but in Ultra-HD it gets tight. The validated run ran on my new water cooling test bed with a MSI MEG Godlike X570 including Ryzen 9 5900X and SAM, with the big CPU from the gaming benchmark system and the faster RAM there would have been more in it. But even so, it fits quite well:

The test of the water block, which performs really well, will come tomorrow, I don’t want to anticipate that yet. But there is a small teaser and appetizer after all:

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