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Polaris End less: MSI Radeon RX 580 Mech 2 8GB and RX 570 Mech 2 8GB | New in the test lab

The MSI RX 580 Gaming X with 8 GB is hard to get and if so, then at exorbitantly high prices beyond the 380 euros as a kind of residual item. The significantly slimmed-down Armor X is cheaper as a variant with 8 GB of memory expansion over 100 euros, but also easier to knit in terms of cooling and design.

Of course, the Gaming X could have been revived, but the launch of a new product line is getting at least more media attention. Even if I think the subdivision into unboxing date and review date by NDA with such an old chip is already excessively exaggerated. But what's the point, I give MSI the anticipation and just play along.

But perhaps the card as such offers various novelties and unexpected surprises? That is exactly why I will test both maps in detail as usual and then publish these tests in due course.

On the outside, the two new Mech-2 cards differ from both previously known MSI designs. At first glance, the cooler looks a little easier than the cooler of the Gaming X, which can then be illustrated by the slightly lower weight of less than 900 grams (manufacturer's specification). But it should still be better than the very simple Armor card as an entry-level model.

Backplate? Has it. Torx 2.0 fan? Has it also, Zero Frozr is on board and with RGB IT has also meant MSI generously. So it will probably have to look at the cooler bottom, cooling design and the board when it comes to the significant changes. But for this I will disassemble the two new miracle bags as usual. Curiosity remains unbroken.

The data hasn't changed at first and MSI relies on its own app for the various Silent and OC modes. Well, why not. The home of Afterburner is certainly not the worst software address. Even if most readers will do it by hand. But at least the software works quite well, I can already spoil.

For all the curious I have already obtained the two official data sheets, the rest then my test will be done. I have to submit the EIA later, MSI's accounting probably still reckons about it.

Technical data





Become curious? Then please wait for the reviews and sip a cool drink until then! I have to cool the lab down to 22°C now, so that I can get any meaningful comparison values.

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