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MSI and GIGABYTE confirm 12 GB as the default memory size for the GeForce RTX 4070

According to regulatory submissions of several upcoming custom-design RTX 4070 board models from MSI and GIGABYTE to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) and Korea’s NRRA, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card is expected to come with a standard memory size of 12 GB when it launches in mid-April 2023. It is assumed that the card is based on the “AD104” silicon and has a 192-bit memory bus width.

It should be noted that the RTX 4070 is slimmed down considerably compared to the RTX 4070 Ti. While the RTX 4070 Ti maxes out the “AD104” and has 7,680 CUDA cores, the upcoming SKU only has 5,888 CUDA cores. However, despite this limitation, NVIDIA could use the same GDDR6X memory chips at 21 Gbps in the memory subsystem, allowing for 504 GB/s of memory bandwidth over the 192-bit memory interface. Overall, it seems that NVIDIA is aiming for an optimal memory size when designing the RTX 4070. With 12 GB of memory, the graphics card should be able to run most current games and applications effectively. However, it remains to be seen whether NVIDIA will launch more variants with larger memory sizes or other improvements in the future.

The text describes the specifications and the planned release date of the RTX 4070 graphics card. The RTX 4070 is a variant of the RTX 4070 Ti SKU, but without the “Ti” in the name, which usually indicates higher performance. Instead, the RTX 4070 non-Ti SKU will feature an AD104-250 or 251 GPU with 5888 CUDA cores. The CUDA cores are the part of the GPU that is responsible for the parallel processing of data and thus for the calculation of graphics.Furthermore, the RTX 4070 non-Ti SKU will operate with a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 200 to 225 W. The TDP is the maximum power consumption that the graphics card needs to operate safely and stably at full load. This is an important factor when choosing a graphics card, as too high a power consumption may not be supported by a power supply or may cause the graphics card to overheat.

The RTX 4070 non-Ti SKU will also have the same memory as the RTX 4070 Ti SKU. Memory is another important factor when choosing a graphics card, as it determines the amount of data that the graphics card can store and process. However, it is not specified what kind of memory the RTX 4070 non-Ti SKU will have. Finally, the RTX 4070 non-Ti SKU will officially hit the market on April 13. The release of graphics cards is an important step for the gaming industry as they introduce the latest technologies and performance improvements. However, the exact prices and availability of the RTX 4070 non-Ti SKU are not yet known.

GeForce RTX 4070 in 2 TDP-Klassen und wie die RTX 4060 Ti und RTX 4060 auch ohne 12VHPWR-Stecker!

Source: harukaze5719 (Twitter), TechPowerUP

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Gemäß behördlichen Einreichungen mehrerer kommender Custom-Design-RTX-4070-Boardmodelle von MSI und GIGABYTE bei der Eurasischen Wirtschaftskommission (EEC) und der koreanischen NRRA wird die NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Grafikkarte voraussichtlich mit einer Standard-Speichergröße von 12 GB ausgestattet sein, wenn sie Mitte April 2023 auf den Markt gebracht wird. Es wird angenommen, dass die Karte auf dem „AD104“-Silizium basiert (den ganzen Artikel lesen...)

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