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Monsterlabo First – the 200-watt passive housing with maximum assembly in exclusive laboratory test (part 1)

Manufacture goods with massive cooling surface, good workmanship and (also over the price) a very exclusive touch of upper-class. At Monsterlabo the name seems to be program and As a self-confessed passive cooling freak I got two of these fancy hardware cages for the tests...

Manufacture goods with massive cooling surface, good workmanship and (also over the price) a very exclusive touch of upper-class. At Monsterlabo, the name seems to be program and as a self-confessed passive cooling freak I got two of these fancy hardware cages for the tests. Once an empty case for your own gadgets and experiments with the upcoming Ryzen CPUs (I love spoilers!) and an already fully equipped case.

The latter is also exactly the first work that exists only once in the world, which was also on the Computex and about which so many have been squeamed and many more editors have also written. Now having two such bolides in the laboratory is becoming a gallant luxury problem, especially since I couldn't stick to myself during the test weekend to go through one or two details with the manufacturers. That's why today there is the idea of the empty and the full housing, as well as the first benchmarks.

What else is there? A completely new infrared setup with a total of 3 high-resolution cameras, which I run together in the real-time array and which provide me with three angles and insights at the same time. But even more, because I have to unwrap Grandma Hildegard's brown sofa blanket first. And yes, it's not a joke, the parts are shipped in such fluffy fabric bags. Looks like the Kelly Family clothes container is smocked, but it's really the textile-made luxury pellet of Monsterlabo First.

And what do you find when you have finally made the whole vehicle textile-free and lifted a break? Exactly that is not known at this moment, because the miracle box with the accessories is stuck inside the case. At Monsterlabo you certainly thought about it, let the buyers revel in anticipation and screw the case apart. This increases the dexterity and the desire. Everywhere a lot of nasty, if you want to start right away, but what's the point…



Nice, then you are finally the master of things, then squeeze out of the brown treasure chest a VGA riser cable, a lot of screws, all the fasteners for the universal prisons of the GPU and the CPU as well as various other adapters, covers and push-button caps. There's also a set of Noctua to Go, the ultimate 140mm fan and the sacred Noctua thermal paste. Yes, you read correctly, the fan is virtually life insurance for GPU and CPU when it comes to demanding and demanding the maximum specified CPU and GPU performance. Optional, but nice to know that it exists.

You will still practice this with the GPU and will certainly have to solve it differently, but I don't want to prejudge part two of this endless trilogy, because it's almost pending. And I also miss two days of this week, which I will dedicate to a completely different story and whose relation to the daily news should not only give me much joy (and much more work). Ok, theme change and back to black.


Unboxing, functionality, feel and optics

This 19-litre case weighs a whopping 7 kilograms, although only intended for mini-ITX systems, most of which is of course due to the massive cooler (see chart below). If some manufacturers were to build at least such cars as this housing, then gap dimensions and durability would certainly no longer be an issue. And while you may think of the rickety end with the parts with four wheels, the Monsterlabo First looks like a tank-turned-Trutzburg without a dot and a comma. Whether or not to install the fan is up to everyone. I can't hear (or see) him in a closed state anyway.

The extremely massive heatsink with its 21 fins and the 6 heatpipes for the CPU and the GPU is an eye-catcher. But how do you get such a fat construct actually bent hardware-flexible? Just like this, because you can tame the components with a little effort and bending and move them to the right place (d). Of course, you have to cope with so much calorie-eating forced creativity and you will never get it smooth and straight, as is the case with hand and crochet work.

For this, everyone gets a real unique piece, which comes along a little slanted and costs a lot of coal, but conditioned the biceps. If you only have enough courage to turn the corner. If you then look carefully at the picture gallery on the next page to the test object, you will know very quickly what I mean by that. This is the planned contrast of a Prussian military spindle, in which the right angle is more than just an ideological basic view. No, here is a skewed program, because otherwise it wouldn't work.

You have to like or leave that, at almost 450 Euros entrance fee for the loge ticket you can also be challenged to play along. We already had that with the therapy. In addition to the motherboard, the graphics card and the SFX power supply, various data carriers also fit into the case and you also need a handful of adapter cables to let the motherboard communicate with the outside world via the back.

Yes, the price at all. You won't be able to discuss it with the manufacturer, because each case is made by hand. Ecologically particularly valuable and also stamped together in no assembly line cage keeping of green ants, but in Europe almost lovingly hand-gelled. Artisticd draped cheese crumbs and random red wine splashes could certainly also work well as a certificate of authenticity for the francophone producers, because a Belgian beer would not be so beautifully striking.





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