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Intel’s new Xeon Platinum CPU with 60 cores and 420 MB cache (LEAK)

The specifications and first benchmarks of the Intel 5th Generation Emerald Rapids, more precisely the Xeon Platinum 8580 CPU, have been published by YuuKi_AnS and picked up by the colleagues from WCCFTECH. It is already known from an earlier leak by YuuKi_AnS that the Intel 5th generation Xeon Platinum 8580 CPU will feature an impressive 60 cores and 120 threads. These cores are based on the Raptor Cove P-Core architecture and feature significantly increased cache sizes. The chip is designed as a dual-chiplet design, with 30 cores on each die, and each individual core has 2 MB of L2 cache, resulting in a total L2 cache of an impressive 120 MB. Additionally, the entire chip has a remarkable 300 MB of L3 cache, resulting in a total cache pool of an astounding 420 MB. This makes the CPU an extremely powerful option for demanding applications and tasks.

Intel has increased the cache memory of its server CPUs by 2.6x over the existing Sapphire Rapids line. This is a good start for Intel to catch up with AMD. AMD’s standard Genoa processor has a 480MB L3 cache, while the Genoa-X processor offers a 1.5GB cache pool. Intel has already announced that it plans to introduce 3D-stacked cache designs in several product lines. This would further reduce the gap to AMD.

Source: YuuKi_AnS

The special variant of the Intel Xeon Platinum 8580 is an ES2 SKU that uses the A0 silicon. The current clock speeds are still far from the final version. The chip was run in a dual-socket server with a clock rate of 2.0 GHz, which leads to a total of 120 cores and 240 threads. The motherboard used belongs to the existing Eagle Stream platform, as Sapphire Rapids and Emerald Rapids are compatible and use the LGA 4677 socket-E, which offers support for 16-channel DDR5 memory. Due to the lower ES clock rates and the still insufficient BIOS optimizations, the current performance is slightly below the expected level. However, it is important to note that this performance should not be compared with the final version since adjustments and optimizations still have to be made.

Intel’s 5th generation Emerald Rapids CPUs for the Xeon Data Center segment are expected to be launched on December 14 and are expected to come with a variety of improvements. Some of the prominent improvements include:

  • Up to 3 times larger LLC cache
  • Increased memory speed
  • Higher number of CPU cores (up to 64 cores)
  • CXL Type 3 high-speed interface
  • Workload optimizations (Intel AE)
  • Optimized power saving mode
  • Up to 17% increase in performance per watt in general
  • Offload CPU cores with Intel Accelerator Engines to increase power efficiency
  • Huge performance increase for inference and training
  • Intel AMX for integrated AI acceleration
  • Out-of-the-box deployment with optimized software stacks

Source: WccfTech