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Influenza, influenza and other viral diseases

What do you do when the flu keeps you really nice lysme? Wait and drink tea!

No, I don't want to bore anyone with my bed stories, even if I just had to hide into it again. Well, if I really don't like something, it's the rather unpleasant feeling of not being able to do anything actively about it at all, but to be really nicely delivered. This is roughly the same as an ageing supervisory board is likely to feel during a secret visit to the dominame, just in free. But just as captivating and completely superfluous.

Everything is tormented in slow motion and the productivity drops to the level of a Stone Age man with a busy stick rub, when the fire again no longer plays along. Tea, I hate you now but something like that! After all, there are now electric kettles instead of sticks and open fire for something like this.

Flu: Six pointless letters that paralyze a nasty one. If I were at least an influencer and/or YouTuber, I could now silver the whole viral misery photogenic with pill poses, coolly presented tea bags and various Wick utensils. So the viral influenza as a plot for the next Instagram post from the Ratio farm. VapoRub instead of Vapor-Chamber, really grandiose.

But who wants to see a sweaty old bag on the laptop? I really would have to miss a foot. It's like looking in the mirror and understanding that it can catch everyone equally. Despite vaccination, vitamin broth and so much liquid are constantly spun that you could refill the Nile delta while piesing.

It is precisely for this reason that I am not going to have a review today and certainly tomorrow, because you need a clear head to work. But I have left it at the dressing room for safekeeping.

For such a text and short old-timer jokes, it seems to be just enough, after all. The rest would become a farce for which one would later have to be ashamed. Sorry, but now the others have to be allowed for a short time. So long!


For those who need a consolation patch now, a puzzle about the planned article for Monday:

And no, this is not an aerial view of a volcanic island. 😀

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