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VGA Extreme: rectangular scrambled eggs, hot dog, fondue and heating benchmark | Retro 12 years ago

2010: Plenty of hot air for a quick death

The following article contains parts of a classic from 12 years ago that was already believed to have been lost. Who remembers the Sahara PC and Tom’s menu from the younger ones?  We already and the younger ones will be amazed that not so much has changed hard. Even then, graphics cards were glowing under load and brought to one or the other thought…

The Sahara consists of three desert types, our test of three desert types. What even causes the pedestrian a lot of pain in the form of sand, gravel and stone deserts in the Sahara, the user in this article in the form of two hot graphics cards in a sufficiently sized housing.

The air temperatures in the Sahara in summer are at an appreciable 45° Celsius and higher, which our bolides can still top in cage single or double-stick. The bottom line is that you simply cannot and must not take seriously what AMD and Nividia want to offer us with these cards as practical cooling.

The amount of heat emitted and, above all, the way of both cooling solutions, namely to keep 50% of the exhaust air in the housing, is downright absurd and should present some proud new owners with immense to insoluble problems. In the end, not only the user’s ears suffer, but also individual hardware components with some bad luck.

What is our plan, what is the goal?

We will explore on the following pages what so much waste heat can lead to by abusing our test object in a somewhat unconventional way in practice. With this we want to document a little tongue-in-cheek what can be done with such a constellation in the household and at the end answer the often asked question whether the patient has survived. What exactly awaits us?

  • In Tom’s Convector, our PC bravely competes against an oil radiator (good for a gas-free winter)
  • In Tom’s menu we serve a fresh hot dog, an angular fried egg and a delicious cheese fondue

The whole thing is really not an April Fool’s joke, but a remake from a classic from 10 years ago. In the end, this article should also be the impetus to reconsider the extensive use of more and more energy for a handful of more frames per second. If one of the manufacturers does not pull the emergency brake, this almost nonsensical arms race will always drive new blooms. And we will remember ours once again before the light goes out here for good in a few days.

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