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Gamer vs. Corona: Folding@home helps fight the virus and the community can join in! (Update)

The Folding@home project has been using the computing power voluntarily provided by users for years for simulations that help to develop drugs. For current reasons, it has been decided to use computing power for research into the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus in order to search for a cure or a vaccine for the COVID19 disease caused by the virus. 

If you also want to help and provide computing power, you can take the approx. Download 30MB client from the official Folding@home page. After the installation, you can choose to provide computing power: only if the PC is in the idle or all the time and also to what degree the PC should be used (Light, Medium, Full). You always have full control over the client and providing the computing power is absolutely non-binding. If there is interest, we may be able to create a team as part of the Igor’s Lab Forum. This is clarified in the forum thread.

Update: An Igor’s Lab Folding Team has now been created. You can join the team by simply entering the team number in the client: 239216

Source: Folding@home