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GALAX launches white GeForce RTX 4070 Ti GPU in Japan

GALAX has many brands, one of which is called Kuroutoshikou Galakuro, for example, and is (unfortunately) sold exclusively in Japan. The company has announced the availability of the new RTX 4070 Ti. But “new” might not be a good word here, because the same card is already offered by GALAX and KFA2 as EX WHITE model in the US and Europe.

Earlier this year, GALAX already launched its RTX 4090 HOF series, which is also available through a Japanese subsidiary. However, the RTX 4070 EX series is in a completely different price segment. This model uses a custom PCB and a triple-fan cooling solution. This model measures 32 cm and requires three PCIe slots. GALAKURO EX White is equipped with improved “Wings 2.0” fans that are said to deliver up to 25% better airflow than the last generation. So much for the manufacturer’s PR. The card is equipped with three such fans: two outer 92 mm fans and one 102 mm fan in the center. This model is factory overclocked to 2670 MHz (+2.3% OC), with no changes to the TDP or memory clocks.

Source: GALAX

Those who prefer a sleek aesthetic and minimal lighting options should be pleased to see that the only element that lights up is the GeForce logo itself. A single 16-pin power connector is right in the middle, so this would be the perfect case where one of these angled adapters would be useful.

Source: GALAX
Source: GALAX


This model is not yet listed at any retailers, so the price has yet to be confirmed.

Source: Kuroutoshikou via Galax


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