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A revolution in mechanical keyboards? Epomaker announces Shadow-X

This news is based on a press release from Epomaker and thus does not represent a test. However, the whole thing could be interesting, because the Epomaker Shadow-X mechanical keyboard presents a quite innovative technology. With high-quality mechanical switches, it offers precise typing and durability. The modern design combines form and function, while customizable backlighting and various connectivity options offer a personal touch and versatile connectivity. None of this is new, so where’s the innovation?

In terms of design and layout, Epomaker claims to have scored a real coup with the Shadow-X, even if short keyboards might not be to everyone’s taste. The keyboard comes in the chic FRL TKL 70% layout, which not only looks nice, but is also supposed to make smart use of desk space. According to the manufacturer, this mechanical keyboard is designed to take both typing and viewing experience to a new level. The Shadow-X’s slim design not only shows that less is sometimes more, but it also optimizes the available space on your desk.

Although it has a compact TKL layout without the usual feature set, the manufacturer says you don’t have to make any real sacrifices. Epomaker claims to have managed to retain the full functionality of a keyboard. And if you ever need the function row, you can activate it in a flash with a simple key combination. As an additional feature, the Shadow-X uses an intuitive LCD display that provides all the important info at a glance. It is also completely customizable via the Epomaker driver. Favorite pictures or GIFs are supposed to personalize the keyboard. A precision metal rotary knob not only serves as a chic eye-catcher, but has a really clever function. With a gentle twist, it turns into a connection mode switch and you can easily switch between different devices

The Shadow-X provides a really springy writing experience with its gasket-mount structure. In contrast to conventional mounts, the styli are said to bounce much more pleasantly, as a dampened vibe comes into play here. The result is supposed to be a really unique feeling when you press the keys. Well, you certainly have to believe in it a bit. But the sound profile of the Shadow-X is also said to amaze, as thanks to the PORON foam and IXPE switch foil, the unsightly hollow click that sometimes occurs with mechanical keyboards is said to have been elegantly defused.

Excessive pressure is no longer necessary, which considerably extends the life of the switches. Unfortunately, there is no information about the release point and pressure. The Shadow-X is compatible with Windows and macOS and can switch effortlessly between the operating systems. In terms of flexibility, it is said to be unbeatable, with USB, 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth serving as connectivity options. It can even connect to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth – perfect for those who juggle many gadgets. The battery offers a remarkable 3000 mAh after all. That means you can work for a long time without constantly running to the power outlet.

Unfortunately, Epomaker doesn’t mention a price, but I’m sure no one wants to know. Or maybe they do?

Source: Epomaker

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Diese News basiert auf einer Pressemeldung von Epomaker und stellt somit keinen Test dar. Und doch könnte das Ganze interessant sein, denn die mechanische Tastatur Epomaker Shadow-X präsentiert eine durchaus innovative Technologie. Mit hochwertigen mechanischen Schaltern bietet sie präzises Tippen und Haltbarkeit. Das moderne Design kombiniert Form und Funktion, während anpassbare Hintergrundbeleuchtung und verschiedene Anschlussmöglichkeiten (read full article...)

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