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WinFast Hurricane – Custom RTX 4070 Ti design with NVIDIA reference PCB

The Taiwanese company was in no hurry to introduce its latest WinFast model. The card follows the design of the RTX 4090/4080 variants, which also feature three fans with a large X-shaped cover. In terms of size, the RTX 4070 Ti is just as thick as the AD102/103-based models and requires 3.5 slots (68.3 mm). However, it is slightly shorter (~3 cm) and narrower (~2cm), but still a great card.

Source: LeadTek

Looking closely at a rendering of the design, you can see that it uses a small o-shaped PCB design. This board is so small that it doesn’t even cover half the width of the card. A look at it tells us that it is probably the same design that Inno3D uses for its cards. In short, it is an NVIDIA reference PCB:

Source: LeadTek

Actually, it is a semi-custom graphics card with NVIDIA reference PCB, but with a completely modified cooler. However, NVIDIA has not developed a reference cooler (no Founders Edition) for the RTX 4070 Ti series, so only a PCB manufactured by NVIDIA is available.

The WinFast from Leadtek is also a non-overclocked card. The NVIDIA stock settings are 2310 MHz Base and 2610 MHz Boost (although in the official specs… 22610 MHz stand. The specs are full of errors, such as mentioning RTX 4070 instead of RTX 4070 Ti, but given the mess NVIDIA made of “unlaunching” and relaunching this SKU, such mistakes were bound to happen.

Source: LeadTek

So far, the Leadtek RTX 4070 Ti Winfast is not available anywhere, so the price is unknown.

Source: LeadTek



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Ich dachte Leadtek ist längst vom Markt verschwunden.
Oder ist das so wie bei ELSA in JP? (Die nur noch den Namen benutzen.)

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