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Aorus X299 Master review – Gigabyte's cool answer to Intel's hotheads

There is one thing I have to put forward here. In general, I do not use synthetic benchmarks, because they say absolutely nothing in practice and are hardly useful as long-term comparisons. I have tested all applications and games with the default settings and the factory clock of the CPU. Only the memory ran at 3.8 GHz in the XMP profile 2 in order not to limit too much. I have also intentionally disabled all BIOS tweaks that might differ between manufacturers.

The result is therefore also very similar for both boards, so that one can certify the Aorus X299 Master to position itself very well within the specifications and otherwise also on various cheats, such as excessive overvoltage. By the way, the MSI board also, wherethe the power consumption of the CPU was usually one tick lower. I suppose the load-line settings are slightly different and "milder".

Even if the results between the Aorus X299 Master and the MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC are very close together and often almost end in the tolerance range of the benchmarks – the Aorus X299 Master almost always has the nose in front. This is not a big advantage that one could not perceive in the daily work anyway, but it is repeated with a measurable consistency, with a few exceptions. This, too, is a statement.

That's why I've always had at least 3 runs done with each run and then accumulated them. That's why I've only used three games that get relatively consistent results. For the rest, the benchmark spread is almost always greater than the actual differences between the two boards. I just leave the benchmarks as such uncommented, because you really don't have to roll out and roll out such small differences verbally.


Application Performance – Graphics



Application Performance – Compute and Rendering



Gaming performance at Full-HD




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