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AMD RDNA 4: GFX1200 and GFX1201 GPUs discovered for Radeon RX 8000 series

In the latest notes from the LLVM project, the two AMD RDNA 4 “Navi 4X” GPUs were mentioned. A developer has pointed out that target names and ELF numbers need to be defined for new GFX12 targets, which include the GFX1200 and GFX1201. It is mentioned that both GPUs behave identically to the GFX11 of the “RDNA 3” family for now, but one could expect major differences in the future as they are still a year away from launch.

Source: Github

The GFX1200 ID was previously used for the Navi 41 SKU, although there are reports that AMD has supposedly canceled its Navi 4X flagships, which were supposed to use the Navi 4C die for a chiplet-like design. Now the company is reportedly focusing “only” on the high-end and mainstream segments. The difference between the flagship and high-end offerings is that AMD considers anything over $500 to be enthusiast class, and these products mainly use the top-of-the-line Navi-X1 dies. However, it is unlikely that this will be the case this time around.

According to a post by @Olrak29_, who previously helped create the die block diagrams and configurations for several RDNA GPUs, the two RDNA-4 “Navi 4X” IDs could possibly be the Navi-44 and Navi-48 SKUs. The naming could indicate that these are very low-cost SKUs, but AMD has already clarified that the numbering does not represent performance or segment positioning.

Source: AMD

AMD has begun initial work on the upcoming RDNA-4 architecture, which will power the Radeon RX 8000 series. The next product line promises exciting innovations as the red team looks to further improve performance over the RDNA-3 family while introducing new features to the Navi-4X chips. These include a completely new graphics pipeline, improved ray tracing capabilities, higher efficiency and the intelligent use of AI accelerators. These developments are encouraging and bode well for the future of AMD and the graphics card industry. AMD plans to launch the next generation of its Radeon graphics processors, which will be based on the RDNA-4 architecture, by 2024. An innovative manufacturing process will be used. Says AMD…

Source: @Olrak29_, Linux LLVM patches


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In den neuesten Notizen des LLVM-Projekts wurden die beiden AMD RDNA 4 „Navi 4X“ GPUs erwähnt. Ein Entwickler hat darauf hingewiesen, dass Zielnamen und ELF-Nummern für neue GFX12-Ziele definiert werden müssen, zu denen die GFX1200 und GFX1201 gehören. Es wird erwähnt, dass sich beide GPUs vorerst identisch zum GFX11 der „RDNA 3“ Family verhalten, aber man könnte in Zukunft größere Unterschiede erwarten, da sie noch ein Jahr von der Markteinführung entfernt sind. Die GFX1200-ID wurde zuvor für die Navi 41 SKU genutzt, obwohl es Berichte darüber gibt, dass AMD seine Navi 4X Flaggschiffe, die den Navi 4C-Die für ein Chiplet-ähnliches […] (read full article...)

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