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AMD Radeon PRO W7700: New graphics card for content creation, CAD and AI

The AMD Radeon™ PRO W7700 graphics card is a professional graphics accelerator that aims to set a standard with a price of around 950 EURO. According to AMD, it offers an impressive double-digit performance increase in key professional applications compared to the competition and a perfect combination of reliability, stability and exceptional price-performance ratio for content creation, CAD and AI applications.

According to AMD, the AMD Radeon PRO W7700 is specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of professional workflows. These include increasingly complex computer-generated designs, the continued growth in visual effects and animation development, a global rise in construction and the explosive growth of advanced AI applications.

“We designed and optimized the AMD Radeon PRO W7700 graphics cards to deliver best-in-class workstation graphics experiences and enable our customers to drive innovation and productivity,” said Dan Wood, corporate vice president, Radeon Product Management at AMD.

The AMD Radeon PRO W7700 workstation graphics card is ideal for the growing demands of creative industries, including media & entertainment, design & manufacturing, and architecture, engineering & construction. The 16GB of fast VRAM enables 3D artists and video editors to work with higher resolution models and textures and process complex effects. It also enables data sharing between applications, allowing users to multitask between editing, compositing and retouching to meet project deadlines. In addition, with industry-leading support for DisplayPort™ 2.1, video editors benefit from richer color spaces and the ability to take advantage of the highest display resolutions available today. The new graphics card also supports the latest codecs with AV1 encode/decode and AI-enhanced video encode capabilities for extremely fast video encode times that simplify and accelerate video production.

Built on the powerful, energy-efficient AMD RDNA™ 3 architecture, the Radeon PRO W7700 workstation graphics card offers up to 1.7 times better price/performance than competing offerings. According to AMD, the new graphics card also offers up to 52% more performance in SOLIDWORKS®, up to 24% more performance in Creo® and up to 37% more performance in CATIA™ compared to competing solutions. This enables architects to bring their visions of hotels, office buildings and other structures to life by creating photorealistic renderings and immersive tours. DisplayPort™ 2.1 and AMD Radiance Display™ Engine technologies also provide impressive resolutions and vivid color depth for displaying projects on up to four screens.

Model Compute Units & Ray Accelerators AI Accelerators TFLOPS
(Peak Single Precision)
GDDR6 Memory
(with ECC)
Memory Bus Display Outputs Total
AMD Radeon PRO W7700 48 96 28 (FP32) 16 GB 256-bit 4X UHBR 13.5 DisplayPort™ 2.1 190W

The Radeon PRO W7700 workstation graphics card enables professionals to create and run AI applications directly from their desktops. With hardware-based AI accelerators, the graphics card is designed to accelerate AI workloads in the latest applications, including DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Topaz Labs Video AI and many others.

Source: AMD


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Wo kommen die 950€ her? Hat man einfach den Dollarpreis genommen, umgerechnet, etwas gerundet und nimmt jetzt an, dass es schon stimmen wird?

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999USD UVP....
In Deutschland eher 1500,- € + X.
Quadro/FirePro sind IMHO die interessanteren Karten, aber die teilweise Exorbitant hohen Preise schrecken ab. Und nicht alles liegt an den Treiberzertifizierungen usw.
Eine RTX 4090 für 2500,- €? Spottpreis angesichts der gut 10.000€ für eine RTX 6000 ADA.
Der 4-fache Preis für doppelten Speicher und Treiberzertifizierung? Nvidia hat gut von Apple gelernt, komisch nur das die zwei sich nicht grün bzw. weiß sind....

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