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A few important words about the festival | Editor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers who have remained loyal to us, who have joined us, may even actively participate in the forum and who thus also fill our offers with new life every day. And so I wish everyone, whether old or new, a blessed Christmas and a few contemplative days, which we should also use to reflect a little on the past and to think about the future. Let all and every one of them be blessed with all their hearts and laid on the same.

I also consciously write Christmas because things like self-denial seem to be just so beautiful en vogue. In spite of everything, religion and faith play only a secondary role, so that everyone can and should take with them what fits best in their own life plan. But if I want something for someone, it is out of my own conviction and out of my own will and not because it fits so nicely into the calendar.

That is why I would also like to refer to traditions and values for which it is really worth standing up to the general trend of indifference, superficiality and even culturelessness. This applies both to what is often referred to as Western values and culture and to what those who have not lived in Germany for so long and who are alienated from our concerns, values and rules.

The forced abandonment of one's own values and beliefs is always a great deal of loss of personality, i.e. something that should not be demanded of anyone. But respect for one's own ideas and traditions also involves granted this right to all and to accept and not just tolerate other ideas. This is not a one-way street and is always based on reciprocity. So that applies to everyone.

Migration, integration and coexistence – it always depends on the will and this in turn only succeeds with one's own conviction, not with coercion. On a large scale, as in the small, it is above all about a fair and respectful coexistence and not about a uniformed and flow-like mass, which blindly submits to a single, predetermined direction number. Dictation does not work, on the contrary. It makes you poorer and even lonely.

By the way, By the way, I also mean our forum, which ultimately only gives a mirror of our society. The more people, i.e. individuals with very personal ideas and opinions, meet, the greater the potential for conflict. Pluralism of opinion can work, but only if one accepts well-defined boundaries and allows others to express one's own opinion unconditionally.

This also applies to the right of those who give the Forum a home. There are rules that everyone has to follow, and then the diversity of opinion works. But only then. Society is no different on a grand scale, so everyone should think for themselves where they see themselves, want to see themselves and what bothers them about the current coexistence. The ways to solve problems optimally are often long, difficult and usually not immediately recognizable. But you shouldn't just sit down and wait for someone to pick you up.

Alienation and alienation begin in one's own head. This also applies, of course, to all those who regroup every day or who have preferred to sit away in the dark for generations. Rights are always associated with obligations, and those who deliberately exclude and exclude themselves have no right to demand anything from anyone in any form. Building bridges instead of tearing up new trenches is certainly a good approach. But then also to commit these offered bridges, the logical consequence.

We now have a working community with very different readers from many backgrounds, with different personal backgrounds and sometimes extremely contrasting views. There is something for which I am personally very grateful, because it has worked really well so far. And if it works out on a small scale, then you should probably get it on the whole. And if the child has already fallen into the well, then he should learn to swim again,

Or to change an old phrase: a lot of hard work, a lot of price!

In this sense, I wish everyone a good time and some reflection on the essentials. So inner contemplation instead of outward remission! Then it will work out with 2019 🙂




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Igor Wallossek

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