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Unpacked and Balanced: MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z in Unboxing Video | igorsLAB

That I would sit in front of the camera again and make one on influencer, well, a year ago that would have been unimaginable. But what must, that must and if everyone screams for it, then it is just the same now. In the absence of a teleprompter, this is all of course unfamiliar standup comedy and you have, especially with the cardboard and the foils, only a real attempt. Cutting is bland and so it is in the end just as it is. Improvised, but hopefully not boring.

I apologize for this with the sometimes rather meagre focus, here i just had to use my camera for this spontaneous event. Precious compacts can do a lot, but with the selfie video, that's one thing. But if the video finds one or the other satisfied consumer, of course, the lab will also be technically upgraded. In addition to the product that I would like to introduce informally today, you also have the chance to see me in a part of my premises.

Which would also satisfy this part of curiosity and allow us now to devote ourselves to the most important; the MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z. Packaging, dimensions, weight and first impressions are now available in the video:

And if all this is not enough (which I hope very strongly), you still have the soon-to-be-followed review with the usual crisp pictures and lots of details that are only available here. YouTube back and forth, some things just need text and pictures. For the rest, see above.

Maybe we'll vote on what we can still heat up as a video and there's also someone who can build a clever intro sequence. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to do this and I am also happy to give credit in the credits. And otherwise? look forward to the video and then to the test. After all, the medium is not enough for more than one teaser.


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