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Review Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+ (Video) | igorsLAB

Yes, I did it: Purely out of curiosity, cut a complete review of a graphics card as a video. Well, as a double burden, of course, such a thing does not last in the long run, but the learning factor is of course extremely high. The prices for all possible cards are currently in free fall and so it offers a (retrospective) review of this middle-class card.

So why not even as a video? So with all the tear down and a few insights into the lab and the test procedures. Well, there are still two promises in there and anyone who listens attentively will notice. But since it's almost funny, I haven't cut it again. Because if there are cuts between the clips, it's only because the subject was over and not because I've secretly cleaned up my gelaber. So this is stand-up.

The learning mode has already been mentioned and so I will of course shorten the length of the verbal sonication a bit, adjust the gain over the entire video and also structure the whole thing a little more tightly. In order to serve both worlds, i.e. those of the standing letters and images, as well as those of the squealing solo entertainers, I will put on the same graphics in the video as on the website. In the end, time will tell what is most likely and best received and what you better do.

If you prefer to see me standing at a table, you still have to be patient, because the rooms here are more focused on efficiency, ergo there is no room for it. And as i have written before, I will also serve both camps in the end, but at the same time I will look for ways to use as many things as possible in both editions.

But I can also give you a small intermediate stand. Even if within the almost 3 weeks of active work on YouTube (so far) it was only enough for a plentiful new 1900 subscribers, a viewtime of over 4500 hours within this short period is already a good start. This is expandable (like my videos), but also a must to survive in the overall market. In the end, I, too, cannot live on the air alone. That with love, on the other hand, is perfectly solved.

But I don't want to deprive you of this trip into the world of moving pictures. So always stay curious!




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