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PCH cracking on Z790 mainboards: MSI offers replacement for affected users

For months, users have been reporting problems with some Z790 mainboards from MSI in public forums. The affected motherboards had cracks in the Platform Controller Hub (PCH), which led to system failures. YouTuber Joshi Repair recently brought the issue back into the spotlight after examining an MSI Z790 Tomahawk Wi-Fi motherboard with such a crack in the PCH.

Source: Youtube@Joshi Repair


MSI has now finally officially commented on the problem and confirmed that it is caused by a faulty PCH. The company classifies the affected motherboards as “Dead on Arrival” (DOA) and thus takes responsibility for the defective units. MSI is offering replacements to all customers affected by the “PCH Cracking” problem. To receive a replacement mainboard, customers can start the MSI RMA process. The MSI website can be found here: MSI.

In addition to the faulty PCH, MSI has also fixed a bug in the heat sink design of the Z790 Tomahawk mainboard. This error should no longer occur in future motherboards. The “PCH cracking” issue has significant implications for both the affected customers and the entire PC community. Customers who purchased an affected motherboard have faced system failures and the associated data loss and frustration. The community was concerned about the quality of MSI motherboards and the overall reliability of the Z790 platform.

MSI’s quick response and willingness to offer replacements for the affected motherboards is a positive signal. The company shows that it takes the problems seriously and cares about the satisfaction of its customers. To summarize, MSI has fixed the “PCH cracking” issue on its Z790 motherboards and is offering replacements to affected customers. The company has also fixed a bug in the heatsink design of the Z790 Tomahawk motherboard. MSI’s quick response is a positive sign for the future.

Source: Youtube, MSI,


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Und welche MSI-Boards sind da speziell betroffen? Gibt ja nicht gerade wenige Iterationen.
Gruß T.

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Ich verwende seit Jahren nur noch MSI Boards. Aktuell für die AM4 PC`s immer das MEG X570 und vorher für den Threadripper das 399x Creation. Ich war/bin mit den Produkten immer sehr zufrieden. Schön zu sehen, das sie jetzt Kundenorientiert reagieren.

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Als sehr langjähriger Asus User/"Fan" und nach etlichen Enttäuschungen bezüglich Supportes bin ich auch dabei MSI zu testen und wurde bis jetzt nicht enttäuscht und bin bei manchen Sachen immer wieder positiv überrascht.

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Der Do


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Zufall dass das Ding aussieht wie ein Pentium III?

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