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NVIDIA ChatRTX 2.0: AI chatbot for PC with enhanced voice support, image interaction and LLM selection

NVIDIA has updated its AI chatbot ChatRTX with a number of enhancements that take the AI PC experience to a new level. The latest version offers several new features, including expanded input options, support for additional language models and the ability to interact directly with images.
Source: NVIDIA


Enhanced input options for a more natural experience

ChatRTX now offers several enhanced input options that allow users to interact more naturally and intuitively with the chatbot. These include:

  • Voice control: users can now use voice commands to control and interact with ChatRTX. This enables hands-free interaction and makes using the chatbot even more convenient.
  • Video prompts: In addition to entering text, users can now also use video prompts to interact with ChatRTX. This allows for even more expressive communication and can help avoid misunderstandings.

Support for a wider range of language models

ChatRTX adds two new models to its growing list of supported language models (LLMs):

  • Gemma: Gemma is the latest LLM from Google and offers a number of improvements over previous models, including better language understanding and generation capabilities.
  • ChatGLM3: ChatGLM3 is an open, bilingual (English and Chinese) LLM that gives users more flexibility in choosing a language model.

Interact with images for a more personalized experience

The new photo support allows ChatRTX users to easily search for and interact with their photo data locally. This is made possible by the integration of OpenAI’s Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training (CLIP), a technology that enables the chatbot to relate images and text to each other.

Improved speech recognition for seamless conversation

ChatRTX users can now talk to their data, thanks to the addition of support for Whisper. Whisper is an AI automation speech recognition system that enables ChatRTX to understand and respond to oral speech. This enables a more natural and engaging interaction with the chatbot.

Focus on data security and performance

Data security is an important advantage of ChatRTX. Because the chatbot runs locally on the user’s PC, users have complete control over what data it uses. In addition, ChatRTX is significantly faster than cloud-based alternatives thanks to its edge AI environment.

Personalization through training with your own data

ChatRTX can be trained with the user’s own data sets to provide an even more personalized experience. This allows users to teach the chatbot how to deal with their specific needs and preferences.

Integration of images for richer interaction

ChatRTX can now process and understand images, thanks to the integration of Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training (CLIP) from OpenAI. This allows the chatbot to use images in its responses and communicate with users via images.

A powerful and versatile AI chatbot for the PC

With its enhanced features and wide range of functions, ChatRTX is a powerful and versatile AI chatbot that takes the AI PC experience to a new level. Users looking for an AI chatbot that offers a natural, intuitive and personalized interaction should definitely give ChatRTX a try.

Source: NVIDIA

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NVIDIA hat seinen KI-Chatbot ChatRTX mit einer Reihe von Verbesserungen aktualisiert, die die KI-PC-Erfahrung auf ein neues Niveau heben. Die neueste Version bietet mehrere neue Funktionen, darunter erweiterte Eingabeoptionen, Unterstützung für zusätzliche Sprachmodelle und die Möglichkeit, direkt mit Bildern zu interagieren. Erweiterte Eingabemöglichkeiten für ein natürlicheres Erlebnis ChatRTX bietet jetzt mehrere verbesserte Eingabemöglichkeiten, die es Benutzern ermöglichen, natürlicher und intuitiver mit dem Chatbot zu interagieren. Dazu gehören: Sprachsteuerung: Benutzer können jetzt Sprachbefehle verwenden, um ChatRTX zu steuern und mit ihm zu interagieren. Dies ermöglicht eine freihändige Interaktion und macht die Verwendung des Chatbots noch komfortabler. Videoprompts: Neben der […] (read full article...)

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