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Next generation of AI PCs: 40 TOPS NPU performance for Microsoft’s Copilot

Taipei, March 27, 2024 – At Intel’s AI Summit in Taipei, Intel executives confirmed that Microsoft’s Copilot AI service will soon run locally on PCs, reports TomsHardware. This groundbreaking development will allow users to take advantage of AI-powered assistance directly on their device without relying on the cloud.

Source: Intel

In order to exploit the full power of Copilot, Microsoft is working with Intel to define new requirements for AI PCs. These next-generation PCs require a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) with a performance of 40 TOPS. Intel already has the first NPU products on the market that meet Microsoft’s requirements. However, the next generation of AI PCs with 40 TOPS NPU performance is already in development.

Intel is actively working with developers to exploit the new possibilities of AI PCs. The company offers various tools and resources to help developers create AI applications for the next generation of PCs, with the ambitious goal of selling 100 million AI PCs by 2025. This would create a huge market for new AI software and fundamentally change the way we work.

Running Microsoft’s Copilot locally on PCs is an important step towards an AI-powered future. The new requirements for AI PCs and Intel’s roadmap for the next generations of processors show that the company is actively driving this development.

Higher performance, lower latency, better data protection

Running Copilot locally on the PC offers several advantages:

  • Lower latency: Copilot’s response time will be significantly faster as calculations are no longer performed in the cloud, but directly on the device.
  • Higher performance: The full power of the PC can be used for Copilot, resulting in faster and more efficient processing of tasks.
  • Improved data protection: As the data no longer needs to be transferred to the cloud, data protection is better guaranteed.

40 TOPS NPU performance: The next generation of AI PCs

Source: TomsHardware


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Großartig 😊… das wäre doch mal ein Grund, meinen PC-Unterbau zu tauschen … bin mal gespannt, was das dann so für die Anschaffung kosten wird (und an Strom verbraucht) … und auch, wie schnell das Zeug dann von der nächstfolgenden Generation abgehängt wird …

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