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Computex gleaning and a not so nice post-test including a sick note

Catch me if you can? Congratulations to Computex 2023! Based on the unfortunately positive feedback from many colleagues, it almost seems as if the global tech event has not only presented the latest innovations in the industry, but also established itself as a superior competitor in the field of “superspreader events”. A heartfelt thanks therefore also goes to all the participants who brought their own personal selection of microbes from the four corners of the world. After all, who needs hand sanitizers or masks when you can sink into the exciting world of technology? What a fantastic opportunity to network with other people…. and maybe exchange a few viruses, too.

As a result, the exhibition had a truly “contagious” atmosphere. The jump from computer hosting to virus hosting was really amazingly seamless. And with a little luck – and a lot of quarantine measures later – we can hope that Computex 2024 will drop the “super” from its “superspreader” status and instead become the event we all dream of: one where the only contagion comes from excitement and enthusiasm for technology.

Yet everything seemed so plausible at the beginning. After four hours of analyzing circuit boards and graphics cards with Asus colleagues in a small, almost cryogenic room and a private meeting in an almost even colder restaurant (including a slowly fading voice and a permanent runny nose), one thing was apparently clear: the evil air conditioner had once again executed me. By the way, the last time it had knocked me out like that was a Jensen event at Siggraph, where I cursed the exclusive front row afterwards. Then came the chills at night and I even opened the window in the hotel (luxury) and stopped all ventilation. Despite jogging suit under the comforter it hardly helped, only that at some point the cold sweat came in addition. So I resorted to the tried and tested paracetamol bomb, the elephant dosage I always have in my luggage. Apart from the extreme sore throat (the green Dolos still help best) I felt a little better early on Saturday morning. For the time being. So I’m out also the road and could actually only marvel …

Where I had sweated the days before at 33 °C and more as well as an unpleasantly high air humidity already, before I started running exceedingly, I could run for hours absolutely complaint and sweat-free briskly around and even sometimes a traffic light sprint insert, which provoked not even the breath of an Axe event. It was the first time I saw Taiwanese sweating next to me while I hurriedly rushed past. Thanks to Corona, but I didn’t know that at the time. What fascinated me most during my tour was the huge fuss about Diablo IV, including the exuberant marketing and merchandising offensive. Anyone who hasn’t seen something like that with their own eyes will hardly believe it anyway. Especially since whole families with small(er) children stared spellbound at all the big screens. Well, who needs it…

The return flight was an ordeal, even if it was not quite as bad as first feared. Thanks to some oolong teas with honey, at least my throat was a bit calmed down. But it was not nice and I was glad to be finally back home on Sunday noon. To be on the safe side, I did a quick test and a second one from another manufacturer. And both were positive. Bam! And then it was Sunday evening and there was the second power failure in Chemnitz. Unpleasant.

This morning I wanted to go to the doctor for a consultation and another private PCR test. Stupidly, some criminals had used the nightly blackout to search the doctor’s office. Full cordon by the police, next consultation hour uncertain for now. You know, Murphy, laws and all. I’ll have to get there somehow this week with a slushy head, thick neck and bleeding nose, but I’ll be fine. It’s not the first Corona slap for me, despite four vaccinations. But thanks to residual immunization, I will certainly not be a case for the hospital. Only testing and writing is somewhat limited. Well, let’s see…

So it can be summarized: Computex 2023 has proven that it is indeed a place of global exchange. Only this time, the exchange involved more than just ideas and technologies. The good news? Everyone who attended probably got more than they bargained for. The bad news? Well, let’s just hope that like everyone, we have a good immune system. We’re looking forward to Computex 2024, hopefully it will be as big an “event” as this year, but in the good way. Until then, stay healthy and let’s continue to celebrate technology – but with a little more distance and disinfectant, please. My get-well wishes go out especially to those still in quarantine at the hotel. It will be alright!

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Oh je, Gute Besserung.

Antwort Gefällt mir



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Gute Besserung.
Hoffentlich ist dieser Import nicht zollpflichtig.

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“trotz 4-facher Impfung“ ;-) Gute Besserung!

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Immunsystem: "Dich kenn ich; Du bist dieser Covid!"
Neue Variante: *krampfhaft Unschuldsmiene auflegt* "Nö, des is mein schlimmer Bruder, weißt eh schwarzes Schaf der Familie, ich tu nix; ich schwör"

Baldige und erfolgreiche Besserung

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Die gute alte 4-Fach Impfung die einfach partout nicht wirken will, erst ab 12-24fach ist man richtig abgesichert, weiß doch jeder! 🤘

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Die Impfung(en) verhindern nicht, dass man sich ansteckt und die Krankheit ausbricht! Sie verhindern lediglich einen schweren Verlauf!

@Igor Wallossek
Gute Besserung und dass sich daraus kein Long Covid entwickelt

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Hauptsache wieder gesund werden und keine bleibenden Folgen behalten (Long Covid) und so.
Ganz wichtig sich wirklich schonen, im Kollegenkreis gibt es welche, die das nicht gemacht haben und folge Beschwerden haben.

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Gute Besserung.
Erinnert mich daran daß ich auch mal wieder einen Pieks brauche um mich und meine vorwiegend älteren Kollegen (70+) bei der Tafel zu schützen.

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Auch von mir gute Besserung! Und schon dich!

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Das ist eine Behauptung, die nicht belegt ist. (Auf letzteres bezogen, nicht ersteres)

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Na dann gute Besserung Igor.

Ich hatte mich schon gewundert, das plötzlich nichts mehr von dir kam.

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Oh je. Hört sich stark nach Unterkühlung an. Da hilft nur Bettruhe, Zitrone, Vitamin D und Zink. Gute Besserung!

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Gute Besserung! Da hilft nur viel Schlaf!

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Von mir auch gute Besserung und danke für die Berichterstattung vor Ort.

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Auf diesem Weg wünsche ich Dir eine gute Besserung und baldige Genesung! 🤒

Ich hoffe die „Compuvid23“ hat deine Erwartungen erfüllt und du konntest alle wichtigen Termine wahrnehmen!

Schön das du wieder sicher gelandet bist.

Notiz an mich: Reiseapotheke!

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Wenn einer eine Reise tut, gute Besserung

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