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Intel Core i9-9900K, i7-9700K and i5-9600K in review – Hot tightrope walk between overtaking and braking lane

Solidworks' CPU composite score combines rendering performance and compute performance in equal measure, but no perfect multi-core scaling has been implemented. The IPC is still hitting the beat and clock can compensate for core number

However, if only rendering, then the Core i9-9900K is hard to hold, as long as it is not thermally sidelined due to too weak cooling. But that's exactly what's more when it comes to temperatures and power consumption.

Interestingly, an AMD CPU wins with the composite score of 3ds Max, because this program seems to be better for the Ryzen in general. The Core i7-8700K is the first time that it's really without chance against its big brother.

In rendering, on the other hand, the "smaller" CPU is growing quite well again and the Intel world is no longer so out of hand. The Ryzen 7 2700X is still good in the race, though not as dominant.

Creo then offers the familiar image where the IPC rules the world. Real multi-core optimization will probably take a long time in such standard software

This is not the case with pure rendering, which we were already able to admire with the Blender workload. Since almost everything can be perfectly parallelized, the possible threads and the IPC of the cores form a brutal alliance.

Finally, we can look at the CPU values of Cinebench, although I don't really like this rather inconsistent CPU benchmark.


Intermediate conclusion

The bottom line is that everything is the same. Except for the real render workloads, you never have a compelling reason to replace a Core i7-8700K for a significantly more expensive Core i9-9900K, unless you render all day long. But then the whole platform is out of place and you might want to think about a real workstation.


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