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Is Intel pulling out the crowbar after all? Alder Lake is now allowed up to 241 watts in PL1 ex factory, but for what?

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If you take a look at the current or upcoming BIOSes of the various Z690 motherboards, you will be surprised to see that the old PL2 has become the new PL1 almost overnight. Officially, the manufacturers are silent for understandable reasons, but there have already been some hints that it is not an accident, but wanted by Intel. That doesn’t make much sense for a new CPU generation, which is advertised mainly in terms of efficiency and technical progress, if you don’t have to deal with AMD, whose Ryzen CPUs now run at least to some extent usable under Windows 11.

Own benchmarks over 11 games in 4 resolutions showed only a few reproducible anomalies with AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X and the Ryzen 9 5900X is even already faster than under Windows 10, especially in professional applications.

That the manufacturers do not see this softening of the PL1 with 125 watts with joy, should also be understandable, because the calculation of the individual assemblies including MTBF specifications would then at least with the somewhat cheaper Z690 boards certainly not quite so open, as predicted and tested. In the end, I wouldn’t even be surprised if this PL1=PL2 default was then also sold to reviewers as the new “gaming feeling”, so that no one turns the supposedly wrong BIOS default. I can’t verify it, but I’d bet on it if I were a gambling person. The fact is that I’m only going to test from an actual specs perspective for now, so that’s exactly how it should be. If anyone sees it differently, then they’ll have to wait for the OC tests at least on this site, which will of course come in full later.

But stop, some will now get a kind of déjà vu! Experience has already been gained with the Rocket-Lake-Launch, where every noob with a tower cooler was given the full PL1=Pl2-blast. But at least there was a selection menu with warnings at the first start. Now the PL2 is already the standard feature ex works. I hope the customer chooses his motherboard not by the number of coloured LEDs, but by the quality of the voltage converters. It would certainly make sense.


If we have a closer look into some documents from Intel, this was already planned, long time ago. So I must correct me a little bit:

Validate Electrical and Thermal Capabilities
It is recommended that system integrators verify that with PL1=PL2 settings and the specifications listed above in place that, no adverse thermal impacts to VR or CPU take place. This can be done by running:
• Five consecutive iterations of CineBench20 (MT). 5-10 seconds between runs.
• Verify Scores are within (+/- ) 2% distribution.
• No VR Thermal events.

SoC Heatsink Thermal Capabilities
• The performance requirement of the thermal solution at end-of-life should be 0.07°C/Watt
• System condition assumptions for these requirements are as follows:
• TjMax = 100˚C
• Local Ambient= 30˚C
• Alder Lake S 8+8+1 125 W SoC

VR Thermal Additional Recommendations
• For designs with 8-phase’s VR, which configure PL1=PL2, passive heat sinks are recommended on VR components to avoid VRHOT# assertion.
• Additionally, Intel recommends board manufacturers conduct VR component thermal tests, under loading conditions above to assess the need for passive cooling on their specific topologies.

IA Iccmax (A) 280
IA IPL2 (A) 184
IA ∆i (A) 208
IA ∆t (ns) 200
IA DC/AC LL (mΩ) 1.1
GT Iccmax (A) 30
GT IPL2 (A) 22
GT ∆i (A) 21
GT ∆t (ns) 250
GT DC/AC LL (mΩ) 4.0
AUX Iccmax (A) 28.5
AUX DC LL (mΩ) 2.0
PL1 (W) 241
PL2 (W) 241
PL4 (W) 359


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Auch Intel kommt gegen die Physik nicht an. Was braucht man für Leistung....Richtig Leistung???!!!! Ich versteh auch nicht wie man auf so ein verbugtes Betriebssystem, im Alpha-Stadium, scharf sein kann. Bloß weil da jetzt eine 11 dahintersteht? Da sollten sich die Praktikanten noch einmal ransetzen!!! ;)

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Die einschlägigen Reviewer werden das bestimmt (hoffentlich) Intel negativ ankreiden.
Freu mich schon auf Steve Burke's rant.

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Oh Mann, PL2=PL1 kurz vor dem Start, PL4 (W) 359 ernsthaft INTEL ?
Das kann nur ein "Reborn of Skylake-X" werden ( TDP und Preis ).
Für die Gamer gibt es natürlich auch die "Avengers Edition" :rolleyes:

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Da könnte intel ja noch seine cryo cooler auf den Massenmarkt bringen, dann hat man alleine durch CPU und Kühler schon 500W+

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Und dazu eine neue RTX3090ti mit 600w Anschluss. Schätze wir können unsere Rechner bald nur noch über 380v Leitungen (am besten den Herd in der Küche ersetzen) betreiben. Hoffe das solch 6 kW Anschlüsse wenigstens zukunftstauglich sind 😂

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1,511 Kommentare 679 Likes

Rise of Electro...

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73 Kommentare 54 Likes

Für was dann überhaupt noch die "Efficient Cores" im Desktop-Bereich?
Sorry, dass jetzt PL2 quasi zum Standard wird konterkariert diese Hybridkonfiguration, die ja angeblich Strom sparen soll, komplett.
Sollte es wirklich so kommen, scheint Intel vor den nächsten AMD-Prozessoren ziemliche Manschetten zu haben.


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Ich hoffe ernsthaft, dass das nur ein Irrtum ist.

Antwort Gefällt mir



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Igor Wallossek


6,176 Kommentare 9,706 Likes

Das nennt Intel jetzt im Marketing offiztiell "Processor Base Power" und der 0815 YouTube-Influencer wird es dem Volk schon verticken. :D

Ich bin wirklich gespannt, wer jetzt vor Intel einknickt und diesen Unfug mitmacht und wer die Eier hat, (auch) nach Specs zu testen. Da wird dann sicher einiges klarer :D

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