Sharkoon Skiller SGS3 Gaming Seat in review: Twisted or for seat edisin?

Almost 300 euros is already a lot of wood foam, no question. But quality seating has always been at a price. This starts with the ergonomically highly bred seating furniture at the grey-melted chief secretary with dutt and ends ... Let's unpack the Boliden once and start assembing in the next chapter. A lot of things are pre-assembled, but not everything. But here, too, the manufacturer has come up with a little more than just a bag of norgy. Tue... Ergonomics and seat test We tested the armchair with a total of three people. While the male adolescents (16 years, 1.75 m tall and 56 kilos heavy) and woman (37 years, 1.70 m tall, 67 kg heavy) who are well with the seat in all positions well to...

Almost 300 euros is already a lot of wood foam, no question. But quality seating has always been at a price. This starts with the ergonomically highly bred seating at the grey-melted chief secretary with Dutt and ends recently in the children's or youth room at Kevin-Klaus and the question of the skill-enhancing substructure. Diddl mouse swivel chairs are mega-out and it must finally be something male-heavy. Such a gaming swivel chair is just right as a catch of eyes and trousers. But he should also hold and not at the first gamble in coop fashion rather bless the temporal than the most untalented colleague in his own team.

Sharkoon places such a chair with the Skiller SGS3 quite cheeky in the 300-euro class, which has already been packed with similar products of the usual suspects in the field of gaming brands. Just another gaming chair? Let's see, because for that we have picked out a test sample and also for some time even with different people (and buttocks shapes or weight classes) cross-tested.

But do it have to be 300 euros or more now? If you're honest, that's just enough if you really value quality. Ergonomics, struts and upholstery, tensioning, seams, gas pressure spring, foot cross and rollers – the list of possible weak points is long. And you have to be able to assemble the parts yourself without care. Since many vendors use the same OEM/ODM, the products in a price range are also usually very similar, as they are based on the same platform, but different, smaller details make the difference.

The Skiller SGS3 is offered in several color variations (see picture above) and follows the usual pattern of such gaming chairs:


First of all, we took measurements, because the dimensions already tell us whether one could feel comfortable in such an armchair or not. The seat rest for buttocks and thighs is not exactly luxuriant at 38 cm, which almost excludes the slightly fuller Coke'n'Pizza junkies and girlfriend. The maximum recommended 1.90m in body length and the top combat weight of 120 kilos clearly indicate the optimization for Asian life and body shapes. European or North American Rubens models will not find what they are looking for here, but thank God there are other suppliers.

However, a disadvantage could also be an advantage, because the side hold is downright phenomenal. But we will come to the position of the seat later. Let's take a look at the latitudes and longitudes in the Skiller universe:

As far as the most common set break point for swivel chairs is concerned, the gas pressure spring is not an expensive part, but it is an (over)vital part. Here, too, of course, Chinese shelves are being used, which does not necessarily have to be a shortcoming. The ODM relies on an XIEQIANG XQ338 from Yue Qiang Gas Spring Manufacture from Guangdong, China (Mainland). Never heard? But you've certainly sat on one before. This Class 4 gas pressure spring and its model sisters can be found in countless office swivel chairs of the middle class, even at many so-called brand manufacturers. There's definitely worse.

The mechanical unit, including seesaws and spring holder, is not a witchcraft, but solidly crafted together. The surface treatment is a bit careless and the grease press was probably the lollipop of the assembly line. But with some kitchen paper you can quickly remove the leftovers on the body, but you should not work in a white evening dress or suit. Then you get your fat away faster than desired.

Sharkoon, however, made a rather elegant move in the composition of the components of the Skiller SGS3 in order to stand out from the competitors.  Instead of the usual rolls you get for carpet or laminate floors, Sharkoon relies on stability. Roll yes, but if so, please with Stopper!

Anyone who has ever played with the steering wheel and pedals will surely remember the spontaneous tantrums, if the armchair always drifted off exactly when you wanted to drift or overtake in the game. This should definitely not happen here anymore, even if we would strongly recommend a good surface for the laminate or sensitive, hard surfaces.

We test at an electrically height-adjustable table in order to set the necessary heights for the different test subjects in advance and thus also be able to test better.

But before we just get rid of it, once again the most important technical data and facts in the tabular overview:

Foam padding: High-density moulded foam
Foam density: 60 – 65 kg/m3
Frame: Steel (diameter: 20 – 22 mm)
Reference material: Artificial leather
Colors: Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/White
Adjustable armrests: 4d
Size armrest rest (L x B): 27 x 10 cm
Chair mechanics: Multifunctional rocking mechanism
Rocker lock:
Tilt angle locking:
Adjustable angle of inclination: 0° – 14°
Gas spring: Class 4
Type of backrest: High backrest
Adjustable backrest: 90° – 160°
Head and lumber pillows:
Cover material head and lumber pillows: Textile
Base: Aluminum foot cross
Roll: 75 mm wheels with brake function
Assembly necessary:
Safety standards:
Chair (General): DIN EN 1335-1/2/3
Gas spring: DIN 4550
Weight and dimensions:
Seat (L x B): 53 x 50 cm
Maximum seat height: 55 cm
Minimum seat height: 48.5 cm
Maximum armrest height: 38 cm
Minimum armrest height: 30 cm
Backrest height: 85 cm
Backrest width in the shoulder area: 49 cm
Packaging size (L x W x H): 94 x 71 x 41 cm
Maximum size of the user: 190 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Maximum permissible weight: 120 kg

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