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Computers, DAUs, and other electrical disasters[Retro]

Note the innovative holes to reduce wind load. Packet collision? Wrong route? There's a lot of things that get clear... Unconventional but elegantly solved. At least superficially. Whether the user is drying the spring cleaning in the form of hot wash or preparing for knocking it out? Let us not think about it. Hole or slit mask? In any case, you can see a grid in the picture.... Did anyone watch hot videos again?! Free after children's chocolate: What is good for motors can't be bad for a computer... Data port, self-built. You're flat. As a non-electrician, you get queasy... Keep cool, faaaaan. Mixed battery for the partial load range? A real geek doesn't need cutlery - it helps itself with what it finds in its natural environment. If only the infusion bag is missing, then the stereotype is fully fulfilled. Wind tunnel, sometimes different. A highly talented and extremely well-trained engineer was certainly at work here. Or? Sure! The Revolucion tecnical has not yet been used. Live recording from the hotline: "The pumpkin ate my CD. yes, if I tell you!" Let's just bridge the annoying fuse. She always flies out. Reduced to the bare minimum. Stacked computing, sometimes different. The performance density can't really impress. When stocks, funds, and bonds fail, they prefer to invest in solid assets. When it comes to the pledge, you at least know what you're getting. Hidden wiring is something for soft eggs. Purism prevails here. HAL Just yes. The open computer day never really prevailed. Housing recycling: The barbecue season is open! The whole thing gives it a very special touch. Another hotline recording: "Yes, I plugged in the mouse. But now she smells so funny and shrugs..." In China, it's not just calculators that are frowned upon. It also takes place without GUI and other tools. One thing we know for sure: There is no GeForce GTX 480 in his computer.... Natasha's dirty business. Someone must have blackened them... Advanced diet bypass. Search image: How many computers are hidden in this image? We breed a dust lung. A Russian computer shop After gaming seats, the advanced accessories are now on the market. Some motifs simply need more space! Key virtuoso, sometimes different. Common, mean... Internet. More or less - the better download rate for the Sohnemann is available for good grades by manual operation counterclockwise... Silver discs have become increasingly obsolete in modern PCs. Good if you can use the drive second. Windows Phone in a very early alpha version. ... or Smart Grid? For the Limbo at the next office celebration of the IT department. This is stage one. Level five consists of TFTs... Too stupid if the hiss glides off faster than you can code... The media market seller hadn't promised too much: "Full of technology!" But you can also see: No Root.... "Miss Gaby, do you just take a screenshot?" Sure, boss.... Summer temperatures also knock down the best calculator. Good if the emergency ventilation takes effect. I'll need some of that in the next five minutes. On average, this is less likely than you think. However, we will put into the room whether this was really thought. Attention! Don't touch the bare cables with wet hands - they could rust off it! ... Format C: deletes everything. End :)

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Note the innovative holes to reduce wind load.

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