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Cool Giveaway: we are giving away a Raijintek Orcus 240 All-in-One Compact Water Cooling in Forum 4x | Until April 14, 2019

The suffering with the online buying behaviour of the packaging rip-offs and return eraise is already annoying enough for shops and distributors. But there is another category of creative defect inventors, some of whom even manage to find defects in unpacked products. So almost the X-ray view through the sealed box or the supposedly unsuccessful testing of devices, in which even the original protective film is on it. Don't you think so? If you knew what's going on! Apart from the orthographic style blossoms in the defect descriptions. Look, isch mach Disch RMA!

Since these parts must still all be tested by the manufacturer and sent back to the factory for analysis in case of real errors, such fantasy returns of course fall up and down. And that's where our competition starts, because we are giving away four factually new, original, mostly unused and tested AiO water coolers from Raijintek, which have gladly provided us with these devices. Too bad for throwing away and not suitable for resale, because reputable dealers don't refurbishe.


The orcus is not bad, because I have already tested it extensively at the beginning of 2018. So you don't even win the cat in the sack. And because we are currently there: this time we are giving away the four AiO compact water cooling systems again in the Forum. Without an extra app, but as a reward for our loyal readers! You have time until 14.04.2019 at 23.59:59, then nothing goes. But I have the rules and conditions of participation further down. Simply write a post in the forum thread that is here, why or/or for what you need this cooling. As always, the random generator does the rest.

Of course there is also the appropriate video, would be silly if not 😉



Raijintek Orcus 240mm (0R100069)


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