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Base Frequency Boost (BFB) – ASRock allows overclocking on non-Z motherboards and for non-K CPUs from Intel

ASRock always has some idea at its disposal and if it is the newly emerged overturning the TDP limits of Intel CPUs that do not have an open multiplier. If you were hurtful, you would probably articulate this Base Frequency Boost (BFB) more towards sales aid for the last coarsely knitted 14 nm CPUs, but the idea behind it has something, because it pushes these CPUs and the new feature somewhat in the direction of AMD's Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO), even if it's about raising the base clock, of course.

An image from the presentation of ASRock's 400 motherboards shows that the company has developed a new technology that will bring overclocking to non-Z motherboards (B460/H470) and also includes all non-K CPUs that cannot be overclocked. This technology is expected to increase the processor's TDP to the maximum PL1, which would also increase the processor's base clock. From the slide it is clear that 65W TDP CPUs would then work as if they had been configured with 125W by first hand.

The turbo-boost clock, on the other hand, should continue to depend more primarily on the thermal load capacity of the cooling system, but one can speculate that here too there could be at least an indirect effect on the balancing, which drives the turbo further upwards. All of this, of course, is purely speculative, but, if true, Could add to Intel's new old CPUs. And be it at the socket.

The non-K series includes all officially "locked" CPUs for overclocking, so this technology could dramatically change Intel's approach to product positioning. However, Intel has not yet confirmed the overclockability for non-K processors in the official slides, making it difficult to estimate whether it is ASRock's single-handedness or a new, general intel strategy. It's no secret that AMD allows CPUs to be overclocked on its B motherboards, as does all Ryzen 3000 series processors.




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