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AMD RDNA3 ISA guide now available to help optimize low-level architecture

Almost a month after the launch of the Radeon RX 7900, AMD provides a document with details about low-level instructions for the RDNA3 architecture. This very sophisticated programming guide is intended for developers who want to take advantage of the architecture by using specific instructions that have been enabled or modified for the third generation of RDNA.


AMD ISA provides knowledge about the execution model of the RDNA3 shader code, the memory hierarchy and lists all available instructions. This could be useful for low-level optimizations or compiler-level tuning, Phoronix writes.

AMD RDNA™ 3 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Reference Manual

The main objectives of this document are:

  1. Specification of language constructs and behavior, including the organization of individual command types in both text syntax and binary format
  2. Provide a reference of instruction operations that compiler authors can use to maximize processor performance
Source: AMD

So far, AMD has only released one RDNA3 GPU, the Navi 31. This processor is only used by Radeon RX 7900 graphics cards. However, the company has already announced its Navi 33 GPU for mobile devices, which is expected to hit the market next month. According to rumors, AMD will launch three Navi 3X GPUs for desktops and laptops, and the architecture is also used by the integrated graphics in the Phoenix APU.

Source: AMD GPUOpen via Phoronix

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Fast einen Monat nach der Markteinführung der Radeon RX 7900 stellt AMD ein Dokument mit Details zu Low-Level-Befehlen für die RDNA3-Architektur zur Verfügung. Diese sehr ausgefeilte Programmieranleitung ist für Entwickler gedacht, die die Vorteile der Architektur nutzen möchten, indem sie spezifische Anweisungen verwenden, die für die dritte Generation der RDNA aktiviert oder geändert wurden. AMD (read full article...)

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