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AMD ASRock graphics cards not available in Europe

If one recalls the great advertising appearance with which AT that time ASRock was enthroned as a new, AMD-exclusive graphics card board partner (AIB) with a lot of media pomp, then today's statement of a senior sales manager of ASRock almost like an anecdote from the days when AMD's PR put itself one leg at a time.

After the review of the ASRock RX 580 Phantom Gaming X on the German side, I received today the request from ASRock, where I would have the card, since a sale in Europe is not planned at all.

The quote that actually follows, I removed at the request of the employee concerned, in order to save him from further problems with AMD (Update)

But you have to let this sink in first, because exactly this circumstance was never really clearly communicated in advance. After the German media landscape was recently full of relevant video and text messages, is AMD's secret (possible) withdrawal from regional sales bans?

But why? The card is not so bad as to have to hide it. Set-out claims and fodder dispute with the other AIb, who also suffer from deficiency symptoms and high mining fever? It's more possible. Nevertheless, it is not really comprehensible if there are enough cards. Is there or there? Good question…

Update from 07.05.2018 – 08:30

In response to our further inquiries to ASRock's headquarters, ASRock has now also confirmed to us where we actually want to sell the tickets:

"… The VGA card products are only sold in South America and APEC (exclude China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) at first. I cannot provide you the MSRP and the warranty duration because they are different in different sales region…"

If you now take into account the APEC member list and exclude the above exclusions, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Peru, Russia and Vietnam. ASRock is not selling the tickets in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as some news reports have now reported, in order to conquer the Chinese market.

Update from 07.05.2018 – 10:50

We have removed the initial quote, but we still stand by this news and finally on the question of why these things were and will be communicated so poorly. what the real motives were and are. The (now official) justification of ASRock in Europe reads like this at the end:

"The decision of sales region for ASRock VGA card is based on the planning of mutual channel agreement. So far the first priority is Asia Pacific and Latin America. No confirmed schedules in EU markets yet"

Update from 07.05.2018 – 17:15

After careful consideration and the consideration of all the information available so far, we have changed the title of this news once again. On the one hand, there is still the question of why communication was so slow that it took more than four days for a reaction to come. In addition, some of the statements still contradicteach themselves in substance. On the other hand, however, we also suspect that the manufacturer was simply overwhelmed due to lack of experience with the situation and that AMD, however, may have intervened. In case of doubt, let us now keep up with those whose concerns have been most plausible. But we're sticking to it.

Update from 08.05.2018 – 10:25

In the meantime, the next (and hopefully) last mail from the ASRock headquarters, which refers to the strategic planning of the further business, reached us for the time being:

"ASRock wants to roll out VGA business in various regions based on own resources planning. Regions with first priorities are APEC and Latin America. Then we will gradually launch the business in other regions".

Hopefully it was then. Otherwise I have to add a page…

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