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Why a virus deserves respect and what we should learn from it

I hope that all readers and their families are healthy and will remain so. To all those who have been infected, I wish them a speedy and complete recovery, and I share my condolences with the families of those who did not make it. In my own circle of friends and acquaintances, there have unfortunately already been a few unfortunate cases, and one suddenly realizes very quickly how finite and adverse circumstances can make a life and end unexpectedly.

I would therefore ask each individual not to face the current situation with fear, hustle or indifference, but only with RESPECT and reason.

For me, respect means first and foremost a behaviour and way of life adapted to the situation, i.e. also the renunciation of certain personal freedoms in one’s own interest and that of our fellow human beings. In order to be able to deal with it properly, however, this must come from one’s own will, because restrictive bans are always a sign that individuals are evading this reasonable thinking, for whatever reason.

Respect also means to face the illness with attention and prevention, but without fear and panic. And it means respecting others, especially older people. Flappy statements like “CoughUp4LivingSpace” are presumptuous, inhuman and show once again how thoughtless and superficial this society has become in large parts. Intervention is needed here, if only to protect the protagonists from themselves. Because in the end it can affect everyone. Corona-parties are not even gallows humor, they are just stupid.

Especially the heroes of everyday life deserve the respect of everyone, no matter if they work in the health care sector or sit behind the cash register. Everybody who actively or passively does his part to master this situation or at least consciously adapts his behaviour, has my unrestricted respect for it. Fear and hysteria, buying hamsters or the excessive spreading of various messages in the social networks are counterproductive and harm not only the community, but in the end also everybody himself.

I have chosen this following picture with intention and deliberation, although I have thought about the sense or nonsense for a long time. In the end I did it anyway, because in addition to respecting the situation, one should also maintain a certain serenity and some creativity. At this point I would also like to thank my wife, who made these masks for us quasi in our own production and which certainly work better in the end than hectically hoarded disposable paper articles. Help for self-help instead of complaining about deficits

Whether someone is religious or not does not play any role at all in external observation, but it can help everyone to better master or at least understand their personal situation. As a believing Christian I include everyone in my daily prayer, without any ifs or buts.

The future of igorsLAB and the community

Attentive visitors of the site will have noticed that the logo, the imprint and also the company form have changed. My thanks go here to all involved so far, like e.g. Jakob, who will surely still remain to the readers with various reviews. But just this present situation is an important point to think about yourself, your family, the community (which I consider a virtual part of it), your daily work and the goals you set yourself. Identifying and setting priorities.

Because if you look at the current situation not only in the short term, but also in the long term and close to reality, then a Media Company as Limited, with all its legal obligations and the effort that has to be made, is not necessarily the best way to shape my work as a publicist in the way I have actually been striving for years. Apart from what I am implementing here invisibly for the readers in the lab, the publication and the loyal website visitors have of course always been close to me and will continue to be so, don’t worry. Because this is by no means an obituary, but rather a kind of appeal.

If you are honest with yourself and know what you can (and cannot) do, you have to accept priorities. So in the future I will put the emphasis on what makes this site what it is and I will be less frittering myself away. Sure, you could be the 1001st publication to serve the merciless mainstream and delight the world with another gaming benchmark site and buckets of news that you can find everywhere. One could also inflate oneself with freelancers and rely on the external impact of a large editorial team (and hope). But in times of general upheaval in the media landscape, this is exactly the kind of thing that is guaranteed to get into the most popular pants, because you notice it anyway.

What I find somewhat accommodating is the constellation I was able to create for myself here with the office, the laboratory, the archive, the photo studio, the video production and an audio laboratory outside the city. This is, very personal, tailored to me, honestly paid and does not provide for any further expenses apart from the fixed costs for rent, electricity, repairs and calibration. And instead of letting unemotional third parties produce unnecessary content for the dear gallery for money, I prefer to focus on investments, selected and in-depth topics, and that which provides real feedback and lively content from the community that makes the way into the publication. And especially in times like these I hardly notice any difference in the pure workflows compared to before.

At this point I would also like to thank the industry, the manufacturers and their marketing agencies. Of course, you can realize a lot of things yourself, but above all the insights and opportunities for gaining information before a product release are simply priceless. If I can share my curiosity with the readers: Bull’s-eye. If it serves to make products better in advance: also good. All in all: highly interesting. And after so many years on both sides of power, I am also able to separate things and thus maintain objectivity.

In order to establish the igorsLAB project permanently, I naturally need a strong community, with all its facets and different layers of readers. We have already been able to gain unique insights into production and development, some nice equipment is also offered in the background or at least metrological help is provided where the finances of an individual would simply be overtaxed. All this is priceless and at the end of the day it all leads to a healthy humility and the good feeling that this is a real community and not a sect with a verbal guru in an ivory tower or a dance-in at the Ü50 party.

Ergo it is also time to say a big thank you, because even small things later come together to form a big whole, help more in their sum than you might often think. In this context I would like to refer to the donation page again, where the dates have also changed. For those who use standing orders or recurring bookings for their contribution to the project or would like to make a one-time contribution – please also adjust the account data, because order is essential. Donations are not a private piggy bank and I rather fall into the category of bean counters for accounting purposes. 😀

Diversity of content instead of monoculture

Besides my own articles and news, I invite anyone who wants to and can give us all an insight into his or her work to share this with the community. If you don’t feel quite called to write, but would like to participate, you will of course get the necessary support. But it doesn’t always have to be the professional activity that might interest the readers. Personally, I am always interested in product tests that are not based on professional emotionlessness or chronological processing, which are written from the gut and often convey more than just a schematic assessment based on the checklists for such a product in paid processes.

I can obtain samples in many areas, help with familiarization and also assist interested parties with their first steps. So have the courage! And at the end of the day, this is more than just a simple allowance, because it’s something completely your own, which you can suddenly read in public and share with others. I don’t like the word volunteer at all, because in a certain way it is even humiliating. After all, many of those who have been involved here so far are anything but beginners in their fields. And often enough I have also learned something new. Thank you for that too!

I do not want to inflate this text unnecessarily, because the most important things have been said or written. Logically, it will continue, but in such a way that there is still room for all those things that are often only recognized or appreciated in situations like this pandemic. Or to summarize it: WE can do this.


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