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80 Plus was the day before yesterday, Cybenetics yesterday – now finally comes 90 Plus!

When miners are mining, of course, really fat wattages come into play for the power supplies as well. Better efficiency in the masses is of course really fun and also generates a monetary added value. That's probably what the manufacturers of the China firecracker sold in the USA thought, too, as they gave their firecracker a snazzy 90-plus logo. I can also share that one of the fellows bought this Hercules and gallantly suicided with a Chroma after a few seconds. At least the label was still in good shape at the end, the rest inside kinda junk.


The price was hot, so was the power supply. If any of you spot any offers like this, please report! I need something for the gallery or for firecrackers every now and then. Officially, there was nothing this year, unfortunately. I'd rather have a Chinese sparkle girl. Speaking of smelling…

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