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Welcome back to the new forum! New technology, new functions, old team.

After all the quarrels of the last months and the sporty-short-term migration to our own server, the time has finally come! Our forum is available and can be used again from now on. Unfortunately, you have to register again (I'll write about the reasons in a moment), but that shouldn't be a hurdle. The most important thing is that both the comment function and the discussions in the forum are again fully available to all (registered) readers! You can now find the forum in the top menu below the logo as "Community"

I will introduce you to the new forum software below, go into a little detail about why and how some things have been solved and what role the old community played in this. In addition, we will also have to write a little bit about the rules and the house rules, because our forum is not a law-free and decency-free space, where Kevin-Klaus and Chantal-Cheyenne are allowed to verbally coerc themselves at will. A forum is always a coexistence, not a conflict.

What's new to the forum and where are the old content?

But each end can also be a start at the same time and that's why we have looked very carefully in advance at which forum software we can best offer to readers. After all the proprietary and often unstable self-solutions of the former parent company, we had to make exactly this decision. A transfer of the existing user data and all comments or comments Unfortunately, Purch did not allow us to use forum content for data protection reasons, which in return also offered freedom in the selection of the forum software.

After testing various offers, we decided on xenForo in the end, especially since this forum software is also used on other larger sites. However, this also resulted in a much higher workload, which I will also enter in the same time. What we should not forget was the effects of the GDPR, that is, the European General Data Protection Regulation, which is often cited. XenForo still looked the best.

But you are now invited to test the new software and of course also to inform us about change notices or wishes. Because if we've learned one thing in (and out) of Tom's hardware and the changing operators, it's the fact that you can't adapt readers to the forum, but the right way must always be the opposite. We are there for the readers and the forum has not been programmed for the end in itself.

A big thank you goes to the community too!

This part is particularly close to my heart, because what xenForo offers as a German language pack (or is unusable. Thus, the team faced the immense challenge of having to create well over 5000 complete text modules or -Translate lines into German! For all of us, the silly language salad of the old forum was and still is still in the best memory, so we did not want to make this mistake again. Half-finished things are not things at all, so we have had to be patient here.

Old acquaintances ensure law and order in the community and I am sure that one or the other will join the team. At the beginning, however, we rely on experienced presenters who have been at the side of Tom's Hardware Deutschland for many years: Tesetilaro, Andi and Frank. In recent weeks, the three have struggled through the mentioned translation text and laboriously (but very successfully) "Germanized" the forum software. The management, the editorial staff (and certainly our forum users and readers) would like to thank you very much for this!

Data protection and forum rules

Let's move on to data protection and forum rules. On the one hand, we would have our privacy policy for the forum and the general privacy policy of Tom's Hardware, which also concerns the forum and its contents, especially in point 8. Of course, we have adapted the forum software and the unlocked functions to this effect once again. But here too we are of course grateful for suggestions and hints, because of course you can also quickly overlook one or the other.

We have also clearly formulated our conditions and rules ("house rules") but deliberately leave all limits wide in the permitted areas. Moderators must be respected, the decisions accepted. However, well-founded objections may, of course, be raised with the editor-in-chief, because we are not a dictatorship or a club of self-loving forum improvers. In order to better understand our rules, we relied on the popular PASTOR principle, which excludes certain things from the outset.

Please always remember to remain objective and polite when discussing, because this community should be family-friendly. All contents must therefore also be sufficient for the FSK 12, regardless of whether we only allow membership from 13 onwards! Please help the moderators in their work to make the community one of the more pleasant corners of the web. Always remain friendly, report verbal derailments and follow the instructions of the staff. Please try to avoid topics that end up in flamewar anyway.

Because everything concerning PASTOR can be removed without further justification by the moderation. If necessary, you will also receive a warning, which in case of repetition can also lead to a break in which you simply cannot post. Sanctions, are measures taken by the moderators when a warning is no longer sufficient, either for repeat offenders or in the case of a serious violation (e.g. insult). These sanctions are not debatable. Also, to insult the moderator who has blocked you for a while is not a good plan to shorten the break.


The PASTOR principle

P like politics

We are a technology site and not a regular table for self-proclaimed people's liberators or recreational revoluzzers! Even net politics is already plentiful borderline and usually degenerates into flamewar anyway. Those who want to engage in political activity do better in real life. Agitation and propaganda abolished courageous people on the streets in 1990, and that is how it should remain.

A like foreigners

Even if the subject is on everyone's mind and extremely polarised, we are happy to leave discussions on this to those who know nothing better about themselves and their time. We are the most unsuitable platform for topical issues and will uncompromisingly punish any deviations from this directive.

S like sexuality

We are against excessive gender delusion, but in return we insist on full respect and toleration of all (non-) genders, inclinations or orientations. However, everything about this topic in our forum is definitely not suitable as a topic for discussion. Talking to each other is desirable, but not to fall over each other verbally. No matter what form or style of play.

T like terror

In addition to the actual discussions about terror and violence, this also includes all topics around (real) weapons! In other words, none of this is family-friendly and therefore not the subject of our interest.

O like off-topic

In the topic-related threads, disturbing and non-themed admissions have nothing to look for. It not only disturbs the reading flow, but is usually the beginning of discussion waves that have nothing to do with the initial topic. This also applies to hidden or open advertising and discussions that could damage a company's reputation. Without proof and valid reasons, company bashing is therefore generally undesirable!

R like religion

Religion is a personal thing and therefore not something that should be discussed on a technology page. Everyone has to deal with this with themselves and is allowed to keep it privately as they wish. However, it is not for the public!


Golden Rule: No one in the forum is demented!

Mile-long full-text quotations ("whole-body quotes") are just as undesirable as the penetrating picking of longer texts into many single-standing quote-scheibles with in-between squeezed comments ("mustard"). Every user can remember what he or others have just written.

Please write short, concise answers to other texts instead of installing and re-inserting what has already been written over and over again. If necessary, a link to a post is enough, but you do yourself and everyone else no favours if you simply use endless quotes to make sense of kilometres for your own ego. Scroll wheels on the mouse also have only a certain lifespan, which you don't have to shorten artificially by such self-infatuation.

Air-catching and, if necessary, editing instead of annoying multiple posts

There is the editing function and the best thing about it: it is completely free for everyone and it does not bite! If you have forgotten something in the zeal of the battle: please add the old post instead of attaching another one immediately below it. But only as long as no further posts of third parties based on the content have been added. Double posts can happen, but usually they shouldn't.

Subsequently inserted content should be[Edit] marked with a hint, if one can not be sure whether someone had already read the whole thing. The subsequent editing of key statements is not permitted, however, because it can also disturb the overall context and is also rather rude. In such cases, it is appropriate to write a separate post.

Our team wishes you a good time in the new forum and we are of course happy about every new (old) forum member. Because it's not possible without it. 🙂

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