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Our daily Nvidia news gives us today – from Speculatius to the NDA (Glosse)

At first glance, we don't have it easy as a (ab)writing guild. The World Cup drags itself away and becomes a nonchalant lyrise event, the beloved, media summer hole is now as big as Lake Constance, the nerves lie bare everywhere and so many people are after the holiday. The consequences of this info-nothing(it) are clearly defined: one falls over everywhere and across the media, I do not exclude myself, on any inconsequential Fitzelfatz, which bears even approximately the green color of the season (and if so even the unfathomable deep of any forum).

And if the then laboriously pulled-out stöffchen is still too short for your own headline, then you just knit a few colorful stitches to it. The whole thing quickly mutates into the counter of the small-minded liquor ideas, where everyone gallantly pours one in and then mixes underneath what the shelf still gives. Shaken or stirred doesn't matter any more. The last weeks have been full of such airy crochet goods of the high-percentage-presumed kind, but always beautiful in turn…

Wait and drink tea…

So Nvidia, nicely colported, should sit on a mountain of at least 300,000 unintentional chips, and then does it forbid us poor journalists to comment on this in the style of verbal silicon alpinism in a click-giving and highly profound way? The world is really unjust and now we seem to be envious of even the smallest speculative crumb under our fingernails.

If, on the other hand, one thinks logically, the returned chips (I think rather, cancelled orders or undrawn options) are not anything that (as a current middle class needed for mining) of the introduction of the new high-end (i.e. which could stand in the way of the anticipated, later upper class) in terms of time and physicality. If and if Turing is delayed (at all), then certainly not for that reason. But as a sow, something like this can be driven nicely and photogenicly through the village. Click and luck, even if you could have come to the conclusion that it is actually nonsense.

Nice, let's get to the second media upset, the NDA sent by Nvidia to selected colleagues. But first we switch the emotion factor down by a few steps. The discussion among colleagues (not only the German ones) has been going on for days on Hochturing, so there are already opinions. Also and above all to what is (or not) possible in the future in advance. But if it were really only about textual tricks, we shouldn't even install Windows or even buy nasty killer games on Steam without legal protection insurance and personal protection. The Rumpelstiltskin syndrome with the fear for the sold soul strikes everywhere, through and on the stomach.

Funnily enough, however, the NDA, which has been criticised by a few, does not meet the top chefs of the global rumour kitchen with the highest peasant silence about unlaid eggs, because they have not been flown in to the events or too for years. Jensen's appetizer parties are invited, but the rest, who puts on a good time at the cold buffet at the back and already calculates in my mind the remaining, as always far too short test time until the launch.

However, if I interpret Nvidia (rather good-willed) correctly, I just lean out of the window in spite of the wet and heavy evening wind, one probably rather intends to reorder the remaining "serious" journalists and the general situation reordering one's own sensitivities. In the past, something like that used to be a press in the lane, so you sprinted. But you can now find that as you like. It's not really nice, but it's not a death certificate of objective journalism that's on the forehead.

The fact that one reacts in the green camp at the moment unnerved (but also unfortunately a little overly thin-skinned) to the almost sprawling rumour kitchen is somehow even comprehensible with some good will, but some formulations in the NDA are really a little bit optimistic, as far as the German legal and state of mind is concerned. But it is also the case that these things could perhaps also be clarified openly and in dialogue, without immediately warp oneself in the smouldering corner or even storming the Winter Palace. So why not try to offer your own (German) version if the current document seems too crude?

Personally, I do not think such an NDA (especially in this form) is good, there is no need to discuss it. But everyone can and must weigh for themselves what he derives from it for himself and his readers and what conclusions he draws. And how he communicates his reaction to the author of the dispute paper. Otherwise: water glass, storm and so on… Summer hole, crucifix again.

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